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Adam Thierer

Adam Thierer works at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University as a Senior Research Fellow. He is also an author who has published various books. His work covers a range of topics such as new technology, internet, entrepreneurialism, and more. Adam Thierer focuses primarily on the relationship between technological advancement and public policy. Adam […]

Joseph Reagle

Joseph Reagle is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He is also an author who has written the following books: Hacking Life: Systematized living and its discontents. (2019) Reading the comments: Likers, haters, and manipulators at the bottom of the Web. (2015) Good faith collaboration: The culture of Wikipedia. […]

Gavin Andresen: Bitcoin Developer

Gavin Andresen is somewhat of a rock star in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry. By trade, Gavin is a software engineer with a strong background in various forms of engineering. However, what everyone knows him for is his role as the main developer in the early development of bitcoin. The work that Gavin Andresen did […]

Fred Campbell: Director of Tech Knowledge

Fred Campbell is an adjunct professor at the University of Nebraska College of Law. In addition to this, he is an advisor at Wireless 20/20 and currently serves as the Director of Tech Knowledge as well. With a strong background in wireless communications and the various legal complexities that industry encounters, Fred Campbell is a […]

Bruce Schneier: Security Technologist

Bruce Schneier is a security technologist who is extremely well-respected in the space of tech and cybersecurity. He’s also a writer who has authored 18 books on the topics of security and technology, with a little commentary on the impact all of this has on the social fabric of our society. He is an advisor […]

Gilbert Wondracek: IT Security Consultant

Gilbert Wondracek is a freelance consultant who specializes in privacy, IT, and online security. This skillset is crucial for businesses and individuals who need assistance making sure they are secure online, and they regularly turn to Gilbert for help with this. Previously to working as a freelance consultant, Gilbert Wondracek was a research fellow at […]

Ronny Tome: Fintech Entrepreneur

Ronny Tome: Fintech Entrepreneur

There are many who want to start a business, but few who want to start something more. Ronny Tome is one of the few by creating his own cryptocurrency. To start such an endeavor takes a great deal of perseverance and courage. It also requires an impenetrable entrepreneurial spirit. Ronny knew he wanted to become […]

Jeremy Vaa: Founder and CEO of Green Light Student Travel

Jeremy Vaa: Founder and CEO of Green Light Student Travel

Jeremy Vaa is an experienced educator and founder of Green Light Student Travel. His experience inside and outside of the classroom has helped him aid students in learning more about the world around them.  Before starting Green Light Student Travel in 2006 Vaa worked as a social studies teacher at La Colina Junior High School […]

Christopher Fagon On Technology Reshaping The Film Industry

Christopher Fagon On Technology Reshaping The Film Industry

Based in Los Angeles, California, Christoper Fagon broke into the film industry by breaking out of his uncle’s shadow. As the nephew of Alfred Fagon, a renowned black British playwright, Christopher has built his legacy in the industry. Before moving to Los Angeles, Christopher worked in Silicon Valley, building computer networks. But he didn’t feel […]

Alastair Majury: Data Scientist And Business Analyst

Alastair Majury is a seasoned professional in the data science and business analysis industries. His distinguished work in both fields has earned him the respect of his colleagues and community, and has allowed him to work with a variety of high-profile institutions. His work has led him to collaborate primarily with financial institutions. He is […]

Dr. Sandra Dunn: President and CEO of Phoenix Molecular Designs

Location: Vancouver, Canada Dr. Sandra Dunn has dedicated over 20 years to breast cancer research and the biotech industry. She earned a degree in molecular biology from Hiram College, an institution she believes has a tremendous research program. A few years later, she pursued an MSc and Ph.D from North Carolina State University’s Department of […]

Joseph Lorenzo Hall: Chief Technology Officer

Joseph Lorenzo Hall is the Chief Technology Officer for the Center for Democracy & Technology based out of the Washington D.C. area. He has served as a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkely within their well-respected School of Information. Before that he got a Master of Information Management and Systems, a Master of Arts, and a […]

Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr is a writer who has earned a lot of praise for his work over the years. His writing focus has been on culture, economics, technology, and how they intersect. A big part of what has made Carr such an influential and thought-provoking writer is his take on...