Gilbert Wondracek is a freelance consultant who specializes in privacy, IT, and online security. This skillset is crucial for businesses and individuals who need assistance making sure they are secure online, and they regularly turn to Gilbert for help with this.

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Previously to working as a freelance consultant, Gilbert Wondracek was a research fellow at Vienna University. He spent his time there working on technology research and some of his learnings he took into the consulting services he provides now.

Gilbert Wondracek has studied the economics of various online industries (even ones that might not be talked about regularly). While certain industries can be prone to hacks, malware, and crime it can be difficult to figure out how to stop it. To do this Gilbert set up websites in these industries in order to monitor user behavior that could be manipulated. This hands-on and data-driven approach is absolutely necessary when providing consulting in the tech space these days.

To connect with or learn more about Gilbert Wondracek you can visit his personal website as well as his Xing profile.

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Gilbert Wondracek
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IT Security Consultant