Joseph Reagle is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He is also an author who has written the following books:

  • Hacking Life: Systematized living and its discontents. (2019)
  • Reading the comments: Likers, haters, and manipulators at the bottom of the Web. (2015)
  • Good faith collaboration: The culture of Wikipedia. (2010)

He specializes in writing about the digital landscape of communication and how various web communities interact with one another. The analysis of online pop-culture is another thing that Joseph Reagle speaks and writes about extensively.

He has a background in computer science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. After this, Joseph Reagle went to MIT to study Technology and Policy.

He has spent time at NYU in the Department of Media, Communication, and Culture and completed graduate studies there as well.

Joseph Reagle can be found on Twitter here.

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Joseph Reagle
Job Title
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Northeastern University