Gavin Andresen is somewhat of a rock star in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry. By trade, Gavin is a software engineer with a strong background in various forms of engineering. However, what everyone knows him for is his role as the main developer in the early development of bitcoin.

The work that Gavin Andresen did on the bitcoin project started in 2010 when he realized the massive potential of the currency. The power and impact that a widely adopted decentralized currency could have on society are off the charts. Knowing this, Gavin Andresen started doing what it took to get involved with the project in some capacity fairly early on.

His first work was to create a website called The Bitcoin Faucet which helped facilitate early adoption of bitcoin by essentially handing out pieces of the currency for free. This might seem crazy now that we know the value of bitcoin compared to its early value, but you could argue that this move helped make it what it is today. Gavin Andresen knew that a cryptocurrency failed to achieve mainstream adoption would flounder, so he did what he could to kickstart the project in this regard.

After his work on The Bitcoin Faucet Gavin Andresen joined the core group of engineers and developers working directly on the Bitcoin project. This was his chance to directly help push the currency into the hands of the public and create tech frameworks that could facilitate this kind of growth.

The work that Gavin did in this time period led to him creating Bitcoin Core. This software is absolutely essential to the existence of the currency and can serve as a wallet that verifies payments entirely on the software. The fact that it’s still being used as a major component of the currency is impressive and is a testament to how important the software Gavin Andresen developed really was.

These days Gavin is still active in the crypto and bitcoin industry and regularly gives talks and interviews on the subject. Due to the trendy and volatile nature of the currency, he is often mentioned in various articles and press publications, although he doesn’t seem interested in engaging with the noise.

You can stay up to date on Gavin Andresen and his work in a number of ways. He’s active on Twitter and regularly posts insights on bitcoin and startups. He also has a blog where he shares long-form pieces on whatever comes to mind.

Gavin Andresen
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Bitcoin Developer