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About Surprisingly Free


Surprisingly Free is a site dedicated to sharing the stories and perspectives of industry leaders.

Way back when, we found it incredibly helpful to hear what worked (and what didn’t) from those who’ve climbed to the top of the mountain. Since then we’ve expanded the list of leaders on our site significantly.

You can find lessons learned, productivity hacks, and everything in between on Surprisingly Free. Cultivating and sharing experience is one of the fastest ways to fast-track your learning curve, and we’ve certainly learned a ton since starting the site!

Hearing about success from others can also spark motivation and drive when facing big challenges. Let’s face it, making things and solving massive problems is hard.

You’re doubted by others, and you probably doubt yourself from time to time too. This is when stories of others who’ve had similar experiences can help you stoke the fire inside.

If you’re interested in getting featured on the site you can head over to this page to get the ball rolling.

We’d love to have you.