Timothy B. Lee is a reporter at Ars Technica who focuses on various topics within the technology industry. Among these topics, he regularly covers policy, emerging challenges that arise from transportation disruption, and blockchain.

Timothy B. Lee has written for Ars Technica on and off since 2007. He spent time writing for the Washington Post and Vox during this time period as well (all on similar topics).

Another interesting accomplishment is actually not related to journalism, it’s an organization. Timothy created RECAP which is a public charity geared toward providing free public access to legal materials and technologies to help various organizations who don’t have the luxury of large budgets.

He has a masters in computer science from Princeton University and worked in the school’s Center for IT Policy where he got a taste for that particular topic which he still covers frequently to this day.

Timothy B. Lee has given multiple interviews on the topic of bitcoin and the potential the currency has to impact the world. Due to the undefined nature of the currency from a legal standpoint, it makes for very interesting stories and potential angles as a reporter.

He’s also written articles on tech for Forbes, the New York Times, Slate, Wired, and various other large publications.

You can find him on his website and on Twitter.

Timothy B. Lee
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