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Destry Witt: President at RELiANCE Investing

From an early age, Destry Witt demonstrated the spirit and drive of a true entrepreneur. For more than 30 years, Destry has cultivated his skills as a leader, businessman, and financial adviser to achieve success and establish his prominence.  The stock market has been an object of interest for quite some time, and when the […]

Kelly Hoggan: Principle of H4 Solutions

Kelly Hoggan brings over three decades of industry experience in aviation security, operations, and management to his role as Principle of H4 Solutions, the transportation consulting company he founded in 2016. H4 Solutions delivers unmatched experience and innovative industry insights to those who seek security solutions across the transportation sectors.  Based in Washington D.C., Kelly […]

Joseph Lorenzo Hall: Chief Technology Officer

Joseph Lorenzo Hall is the Chief Technology Officer for the Center for Democracy & Technology based out of the Washington D.C. area. He has served as a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkely within their well-respected School of Information. Before that he got a Master of Information Management and Systems, a Master of Arts, and a […]

Recognizing Hidden Leaders Within Your Organization

Most of our focus is shining a light on the underrated leaders in their industry who might not get as much attention as they deserve. These people have an immense amount of knowledge to share, but often don’t get the chance to do so. However, we want to use this post as an opportunity to […]

Habits Of The Best

When looking at individuals who are top performers in their specific field, you start to notice some common habits. But are these habits what make them great at what they do? Or are they simply a coincidence? We believe strongly believe the former. And because of this, we’ve put together a quick list that shares […]

What Is An Industry Leader? Our Expanded Definition

The goal of our site is to share the unique perspectives and experiences of industry leaders around the world. But what makes an industry leader? What does that mean? Some people think that you have to be universally considered in the top 1% of your field to be considered an industry leader. We respectfully disagree. […]