Justin Kaufman is a proud El Paso native who is passionate about fitness and health. He is also a self-proclaimed underdog who believes that hard work and persistence can help anyone achieve their goals.

His parents instilled in him a work ethic that he can carry with him into his future. After graduating from high school, Justin moved to Texas Tech University in order to study criminal justice. While he was at school, he also participated in athletics. He started out as a talented gymnast, and he also competed in college. After graduating, he discovered his passion for fitness.

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When he was younger, Justin wanted to be a business owner, and he would often run errands for various establishments in town. After college, he decided to focus on what he loved instead of pursuing criminal justice. He then decided to combine his love for fitness and business ownership.

He first approached the gym industry in El Paso in 2012. After six years, he has two thriving facilities under his belt, and the name of his gym is Ratio One.61. The concept of the name refers to the Golden Ratio, also called the Divine Proportion. The number Phi and the Fibonacci curve, which represent beauty and symmetry, can be found all around the world, including in advertising, architecture, and the human body. The Golden Ratio has been utilized by some of the most prominent artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Justin Kaufman strives to provide his clients with the best possible tools and opportunities to reach their goals. At Ratio One.61, he is committed to providing his customers with the latest equipment and cutting-edge services. He also aims to dominate the competition by offering the best prices. One of Justin’s other passions is sports recovery and hydration.

After becoming an owner of a gym, Justin discovered that there was a gap in the market for a superior all-natural beverage that was specifically designed to help people improve their training. He developed his own unique blend of protein, water, and carbon dioxide, which is known as the Justin Kaufman Formula. The recovery drinks of Ratio contain various nutrients such as amino acids, electrolytes, and carbohydrates to help strengthen and recover muscles after a workout. Their goal is to provide the best possible hydration and functionality to help people improve their performance.Check out Justin Kaufman’s Twitter and Medium to read more from him!

How Blogs Can Help Your Business

​​According to a study, about 20% of new businesses fail in their first year of operation. These companies find it difficult to stay afloat, and over 60% of them eventually shut down within ten years. One of the main reasons why these businesses fail is poor marketing.

Blogging is one of the top effective ways to boost a small business’s marketing efforts. Although it can be very costly to set up a blog, it can be very effective for small businesses as it allows them to reach a vast audience. There are over five billion internet users globally, and 60 percent read blogs regularly. There are lots of benefits of blogging for businesses.

  1. Build Relationships With Customers

 Due to the rapid emergence of new businesses, it has been hard for many customers to maintain their loyalty. You can keep them engaged with high-quality blog posts and build a strong relationship with them. One of the most critical factors you can consider when it comes to building a solid relationship with your audience is interacting with them.

  1. Thought Leadership

One of the most important factors you can consider when it comes to building a solid relationship with your audience is interacting with them. People often seek solutions online, and investing in search engine optimization can help your business appear in search results.

  1. Creates Sales Leads

Before you start blogging, make sure that you have a clear understanding of your target audience. Using search engine optimization, you can boost the traffic to your website and convert it into sales leads.


  1. Bring Value

The main reason why people read blogs is because they are looking for new information. Blogs are full of tutorials, how-to guides, and tips, which can help you achieve considerable traffic. For instance, Nepal Hiking Team has a blog that has a comprehensive guide to everything that you need to know about Nepal. It also provides helpful information on local Nepalese food and other tourist attractions.

  1. Let Guest Posts

People are passionate about sharing their experiences and ideas. Having them on your blog allows them to do so and lets you interact with them and other visitors.

  1. Allow Commenting

A blog that allows visitors to ask and comment on related topics draws more attention than one that doesn’t. A user-friendly platform that lets guests post their questions and comments is vital for building a solid relationship with your audience. It can help you improve customer service and generate more leads.

  1. Keep An Eye On Traffic

According to Hubspot, people prefer blog posts that are entertaining and informative. It’s also essential to monitor your blog’s traffic to determine which posts are performing well and which topics are most popular. A clear understanding of which blog posts are performing well can help you grow leads and increase traffic to your website.

  1. Get External Links

The web is a vast network that can be used to boost your website’s traffic and improve its Google ranking. A quick way to do this is by getting external links from other websites. For instance, you can launch a press release campaign to get the word out about your website.

Blogging boosts your website’s traffic and improves its Google ranking. This strategy is a low-cost marketing method that can be used to attract more potential customers.

Justin Kaufman