David Ogbolumani is a global expert in information security and management. He has over two decades of experience in developing and implementing effective technology risk management and compliance programs. He is a dynamic leader who can help organizations bridge the gap between their various departments.

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David is a powerful communicator who can help organizations reach their goals and improve their performance. He also serves on the academic board of the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Center for Cybersecurity and Forensic Education. This is a leading academic center that focuses on providing high-quality cyberdefense education.

Over the decades he’s worked in the field, David Ogbolumani has gained a wide range of certifications related to information security and management. These include the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM), and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). He also holds the European and US Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E/US).

He’s also knowledgeable about the GDPR, which is a key component of the European Union’s privacy law. This regulation applies to both the EU and the EEA, which includes Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

Besides his knowledge of international privacy and data rights, David also has a strong background in law. This makes him an exceptional candidate for being an IT security expert. It’s rare to find individuals with a law degree working in the field.

David received his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Louisiana Tech University. He then became a desktop lead and technical support analyst for TEK Systems in Chicago. He gained a deeper understanding of how to solve hardware and software issues.

After rising through the ranks, David was promoted to the position of senior network analyst. He also earned his graduate degree in Information Systems Project Management from Northwestern University.

Right after graduating from Concord Law School, David Ogbolumani passed the California bar. He is an active member of the State Bar of California. He’s allowed to practice law in both federal and state courts.

Some of the organizations that David has worked with include GE, Sungard Data Systems, Northern Trust Bank, Philips Electronics, Abbott Lab, CNA Insurance, and World Bank. His specializations include network security, systems auditing, and project management.

As the IT security practice manager for SunGuard Data Systems, David oversees the company’s security efforts. He’s responsible for leading the development and implementation of strategies and procedures designed to protect the organization’s data.

This role was a great opportunity for David, as it allowed him to expand his scope of expertise and develop new services. He also helped Sungard establish its payment card industry accreditation, which allowed the company to provide comprehensive compliance reports.

David had become the first employee at SunGard to become a QSA, or Qualified Security Assessor, allowing him to audit merchants for PCI compliance standards. 

As the Global IT Security and Chief Information Security Officer for a company based in Michigan and Illinois, David established a separate discipline within the organization. His team’s practice grew to include offices in 37 countries over five continents. He played a vital role in bringing the various IT staff members together to develop a common understanding of the role of technology in the company’s operations. He also led the development of a comprehensive security strategy that changed the culture of the organization.

Aside from working in various fields, David also enjoys spending time with family and volunteering in his community. You can find more about David Ogbolumani on social media!

The Importance of Diverse Leadership

Companies are starting to take a closer look at the leadership teams they employ, and it’s no longer just about whether or not they have experienced or educated individuals. Changes in the marketplace also drive the evaluation process. For instance, executives are asking themselves if their companies are diverse enough.

Great managers are those individuals who have the necessary qualities to be effective leaders. These include communicating effectively, being a critical thinker, and being good at problem-solving and decision-making.

Although some of these skills can be acquired through management courses, it’s also a challenge to develop a diverse perspective when it comes to making decisions. This is why it’s important that companies also consider the educational path that they can take to become effective leaders, such as earning a master’s degree in leadership and management.

What exactly is workplace diversity? 

In order to properly understand the concept of diversity, it’s important to first define it. The term diversity refers to having people from various backgrounds working in a company. Although the major categories include race, gender, and age, the concept has also expanded to include sexual orientation, political leanings, and religion.

It’s also important to keep in mind that diversity goes beyond merely identifying people of various genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. It involves a company’s attitude toward those who exhibit varying beliefs and behaviors. Having a comprehensive culture that includes inclusion is the key to attaining full benefits from workplace diversity.

What are some benefits of diversity in leadership? 

Although some of the benefits of having diverse leadership teams are not measurable, they can still be very impactful on a company’s operations. For instance, having various management can help improve a company’s internal processes, promoting a robust company profile. 

Innovative thinking

The concept of diversity in leadership refers to the ability to think critically and creatively about matters that are outside of one’s usual comfort zone. For instance, a group of 10 individuals from various backgrounds can develop ideas that are more likely to appeal to a broader range of people.

The concept of diversity refers to the varying perspectives and experiences that people from different backgrounds can bring to a company. Having a diverse management team and workforce can help ensure that the company doesn’t get stuck in a single mindset.

A wider range of skill sets

While some of the skills that people from different backgrounds can teach a company are cultural, some of these are also taught. Having a diverse management team can help a company acquire additional skills and knowledge. For instance, if a company’s goal is to improve its online metrics, it’s important to hire people who have used social media growing up, as opposed to people who might have never adopted it.

Better company culture

One of the most important benefits of having diverse leadership is that it can foster better relationships within the company. Most employees feel more connected to their company if they see that they are being represented in leadership roles. This shows that the management is accepting of different cultures.

Having a diverse workforce can also help employees feel more included and thus less inclined to look for a job in a different culture. This can additionally help with the recruitment of new employees.

Good company profile

The leadership of a company is a reflection of its values and operations. Diversity in leadership positions can also help a company attract and retain the best talent.

Having diverse leadership can also help a company reach its goals and provide the best possible service to its customers. A diverse talent pool can help a company connect with its customers and other businesses.

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