Nikolas Onoufriadis is a well-known and successful international businessman who has performed well in over ten countries in the past 15 years. He is an avid entrepreneur and business executive who has handled various projects in different industries. He is fluent in his native language and is also capable of handling various languages such as German, Spanish, and English. He has been able to help many individuals develop their skills through his extensive experience in negotiation and cross-cultural statesmanship. He additionally regularly mentors and judges young entrepreneurs through the MIT & BU Venture Accelerator Programs. 

Nikolas worked as a part of the Greek military’s armored cavalry division. He also co-authored numerous publications.

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Nikolas Onoufriadis earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts, studying Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, and graduated on the Dean’s Honor List. He then went to Harvard University to study psychology. He was able to make the Dean’s Honor List at Harvard. After graduating, Nikolas worked for the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards. As the campaign’s assistant to the Strategic Advisor, he was able to develop his diplomacy skills and coordinate groups of people.

Nikolas Onoufriadis studied Political Science with a concentration in International Relations at Suffolk University, soon earning his Master’s degree. He was also the Country Ambassador for Cyprus and Greece during his time at school. After finishing his Master’s degree, Nikolas focused his studies on a second Master’s degree in Public Management at Suffolk University. He then took on a position in Executive Education at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

During his time at Harvard, Nikolas Onoufriadis worked as the Program Coordinator of the Kennedy School’s Middle East Initiative. He also received a Certificate of Acknowledgement and Appreciation for his hard work and dedication. Nikolas Onoufriadis has extensive experience in industries outside of the political and business arenas. For a few years, he was a management consultant and mental health counselor at the Institute for Mental Health in Athens, Greece. He was able to help the institute improve its standing in the Greek market through his work. He also appeared on various television programs and radio shows. Not only that, but he also co-authored several publications.

While still in Greece, Nikolas joined the INTRACOM Group of Companies, a leading software company. As a senior manager, he was responsible for the development of the company’s international business strategy. He was able to identify new opportunities and build strategic partnerships throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, and Mexico. 

In 2012, the company’s management team entrusted Nikolas with the task of establishing INTRASOFT USA, a subsidiary in Boston. He has since led the company’s operations in the US. Nikolas is also the founder of Power2U Consulting, a business consultancy firm that offers strategic advice and management services to both public and private organizations. He brings his extensive experience in international business to bear on helping companies expand their market presence and improve their operations. Through his work, he has gained a reputation for developing effective strategies and managing teams.

As a liaison between Greece and the US, Nikolas works to help companies and governments from both countries improve their trade and collaborate more effectively. He has been instrumental in facilitating government meetings and business negotiations in the US.

Currently, Nikolas lives in Boston and is active in various charitable organizations. He enjoys talking about watches and the process of making them. When he’s not working, he can usually be found exploring the city, tasting wine, and smoking cigars.

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Boosting Your Leadership Through Self-Reflection

As the new year approaches, it’s essential that business leaders re-strategize and make changes to their strategies. But what about reflecting on how we can make the most of our talents and abilities?

Most of us can quickly reflect on our goals and make changes to our strategies. However, taking time to consider how we can improve ourselves can help us become more effective leaders. This is also beneficial for our employees, as it allows them to understand themselves and their performance better. In 2023, I recommend that leaders take time to develop this habit.

Find Time for Reflecting

Although I do not follow a sit-and-meditate approach, I enjoy taking time to reflect on my goals and make changes to my strategies. This can be done through various activities such as walking, gardening, and running. Consistent discipline can help keep stress levels low and generate new ideas.

Taking time to reflect on what is happening in your life helps you identify areas of improvement and develop new ideas. One of the most important factors people can consider when it comes to reflecting is setting aside time for themselves. 

Like your employees, try to check on your interactions and decisions regularly. This can include setting goals and creating achievable steps. Although it’s important to make changes in the new year, sustaining them is also challenging due to how transformational they can be. Instead of trying to make radical changes, start small and build on it.

Think Outside of Your Professional Perspective

External feedback and internal reflection are important tools for growth. You can also use the services of other professionals, such as a therapist, to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your capabilities. For instance, a psychologist can help you identify areas of weakness that prevent you from becoming an effective leader.

Listen to Others

Your management team can be an excellent source of informal feedback. If the company culture supports the kind of environment that enables your colleagues to speak freely, then candid appraisals can help build a more cohesive team.

If you want to improve your leadership’s quality, consider conducting a series of roundtable discussions or regular check-ins with other C-level executives. These exchanges can help you develop a stronger relationship with your team and keep them informed about the latest developments.

Be Open to Constructive Changes

At a company like ours, we prioritize the development of our associates and are committed to providing them with the necessary support and mentoring. Having time to reflect can help you avoid being too reactive. It can also help you anticipate the future and make informed decisions.

Self-awareness can help you see how you are impacting the organization and its future. It can also reinforce how you are doing what it takes to get the job done. Sometimes, you may find areas of weakness that need to be fixed. Regardless of the situation, there is always room for growth.

Nikolas Onoufriadis
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Strategy And Operations Expert