Nicolas Christin is an Associate Research Profesor at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also a researcher for the university’s CyLab initiative as well, which is an institute that focuses on security and privacy.

Online crime, security economics, and network & computer security are the main topics that Nicolas Christin focuses on in his work. With growing concern over privacy and security online (and more data breaches than you can count), this is work that is sure to prove necessary as society moves forward.

Nicolas is also associated with the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon as well. This institute spends its time researching and developing education programs to usher in the new wave of engineering, privacy protection, and computing as a whole. It has over thirty core faculty members and another forty Ph.D. students involved with the program and is consistently growing over time.

Nicolas Christin holds courtesy appointments with the Information Networking Institute and the Electrical and Computer Engineering department as well. He’s quite active in the academic space and always seems to be involved with a new project in one form or another.

Nicolas has a Ph.D. in Computer science from the University of Virginia and was a fellow at the University of California, Berkeley in their School of Information. After all of this, he eventually found his way to Carnegie Mellon where he began laying the foundation for the work he is currently doing. This background has helped Nicolas Christin become an expert in his field and a go-to resource on the topic of online security. He has given various interviews for non-academic niche publications in addition to his extensive publishing history.

The research and work that Nicolas Christin spends his time on are in the area of computer and information systems security. This covers topics like policy research, the boundary or systems, networking principles, and more. Christin likes to try and build up a strong foundation of applicable theory in his work to provide some balance to the research aspect of things as well. This means running a lot of tests and collecting plenty of data in order to achieve the accuracy needed to yield findings from his research.

Among his research, Nicolas Christin delves into various subtopics that are worth exploring on an individual level. One of his major focuses is security analysis that utilizes predictive modeling in order to preemptively deal with potential issues or breaches. In order to do this Nicolas believes you need to utilize AI and machine learning which is something he spends a great deal of his time thinking about.

In addition to tackling this major challenge he also spends time on security economics, censorship issues, and online crime modeling. Nicolas has many theories and ideas in play in order to make progress within these areas. With so much on his plate, it’s impressive that he is able to juggle everything.

If you want to stay updated on what Nicolas Christin is up to you can find him on Twitter. He also has a regularly updated profile that shares his initiatives, published work, and additional information about his projects.

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