Muhammad Babangida

Muhammad Babangida is a seasoned business executive with over 20 years’ experience in the areas of leadership, organization, efficiency, education, security services, and banking. He is a forward-thinking professional who is passionate about identifying and creating new opportunities for development and growth. Muhammad Babangida also believes in the power of education, both for the present generation and the ones to follow.

Muhammad Babangida regularly writes about non-profits and charities, and frequently shares helpful information for the business community as well.

Muhammad’s current position is the Executive Director of El-Amin International Schools, which educate children across Nigeria and promote global respect for Nigerian cultural and religious values. As Executive Director, Muhammad Babangida is in charge of the schools’ day to day operations and performance, but in addition to this workload, he is also tasked with ensuring the sustainability of this enterprise.

Muhammad is also an avid philanthropist. He is faithful to his roots and strives to give back to his community whenever possible. He is most passionate about endeavors that focus on empowering Nigeria’s youth, whether it’s through academics or athletics. He has seen what a positive impact both sports and proper education can have on a society. Education provides stable building blocks for success, and sports inspire people to dream and overcome barriers. It was for this reason that Muhammad Babangida established the El-Amin Foundation in 2008. Through the foundation, sports are used to motivate and inspire the children of Nigeria.

Another charity that is close to Muhammad’s heart is WaterAid UK, an international nonprofit organization that focuses on access to clean water, hygiene, and sanitation around the globe. The hope is that this will lower overall death rates and help impoverished nations.

When he isn’t working, Muhammad Babangida is an enthusiastic polo player and the Founder of the El Amin Polo Club. He found himself attracted to the sport when he was younger, having grown up around horses and being able to attend matches with his uncle. There are many reasons why he finds the sport so compelling. He has a deep love and affinity for the animals themselves, and he enjoys the competitive nature that Polo provides, along with the discipline, commitment, and concentration that is necessary in order to play the sport well.

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Muhammad Babangida
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