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Moksh Popli: Entrepreneur And Business Consultant

Very few people can call themselves a true “Jack of All Trades,” but Moksh Popli is the real deal. Years of experience in business, advertising, IT consulting and security software, and travel consulting has allowed Moksh to acquire a well-rounded and impressive set of skills, making him an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. Now, […]

Patrick Ambron: Founder & CEO of

Patrick Ambron is a leading expert in online reputation management, online privacy, search engine optimization and startups. More than anything else, he’s passionate about helping consumers control their own information and own lives online.  A few highlights: Founder and CEO of, which helps individuals clean up, protect and improve their online reputation and online […]

Alex Podgurski: Serial Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert

Alex Podgurski is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert who has spent many years enhancing his knowledge of digital marketing. For over 16 years, Alex has worked in direct response marketing, starting several successful companies. During this time, Alex has been dedicated to learning as much as he can and growing his businesses. He places […]