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Alex Podgurski is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert who has spent many years enhancing his knowledge of digital marketing. For over 16 years, Alex has worked in direct response marketing, starting several successful companies. During this time, Alex has been dedicated to learning as much as he can and growing his businesses. He places a lot of importance on knowledge, especially when it comes to digital marketing, which is a constantly changing industry. There are always new techniques to learn and test out.

Throughout his career, Alex Podgurski has been faced with his fair share of successes and failures. In the face of failure, his philosophy is that the most important way to handle it is by learning from whatever happened. Learning from experiences means that you can avoid making the same mistakes next time and boost the likelihood of success. Alex is focusing on how mediums besides phone and email can be used to improve marketing efforts, such as through push notifications.

Over time, Alex Podgurski has realized that some of the best ideas and insights come from people in your network. Taking the time to talk over ideas and tactics with friends can help you see something from a different angle and allow you to come up with awesome ideas. Being able to combine great business and customer service with the digital age has been incredibly rewarding for Alex.

In 2016, Alex Podgurski launched APR Media, a digital marketing company that allows him to focus on his passion and work with clients.

Alex Podgurski offers his expertise and insights into the value of digital marketing for a business of any size.

No matter the size of your business, you should be doing some extent of digital marketing. Many small businesses disregard digital marketing as unnecessary for their business, particularly if they already have a thriving business and do not feel comfortable handling the various aspects of digital marketing. Others believe digital marketing is easy and attempt to do it themselves, but give up once they realize the amount of work and attention that must go into it.

Regardless of why a business is not paying attention to digital marketing and how to reach people online, it’s time to change this attitude.

If you want to see significant growth and continued success in your company, it’s vital that you focus more on digital marketing. I’ll address some of the top reasons why digital marketing should be a focus in your business, no matter the size or industry.

Solidify your brand

Digital marketing allows you to solidify your brand and determine how consumers view you online. If you avoid advertising your business online and claiming relevant profiles, you run the risk of a negative review completely influencing the way potential (and current) customers view your business. With a strong digital marketing presence, you can show the care you put into your organization and highlight the positives so a single negative review does not influence the entire brand of your company.

Sometimes, it’s even advisable to directly respond to the unflattering review. In many cases, you can work with the customer to reach a solution for whatever their issue was; once you reach that resolution, the customer may revise their review.

Reach more people

Even if your business is currently thriving, it’s wise to continue to invest in more business. You never know how large you can grow your business unless you reach for it. There may also come a time when there’s a lull in cash flow so being able to garner more business through digital marketing makes it more likely for your company to skate through those challenging times.

Can be done on a budget

While you’ll see better results with a greater budget, you can certainly achieve fantastic digital marketing on a budget. Whether you take the time to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing yourself, hire someone part- or full-time, or outsource your business’s digital marketing, you can find options for your budget. Quality digital marketing takes time and experience, but it does not have to be overwhelmingly expensive or anywhere close to the costs of more traditional marketing methods.

Do some research on what method would work the best for your business and then determine what your budget is for marketing. Simply setting up the foundation of profiles and a quality website can go a long way.

People trust their peers

Once you begin focusing on digital marketing, you make it easier for customers to share their experiences with your business. Simply creating a Twitter profile, an Instagram account, a website, or a Facebook page allows customers to share links to those profiles when they share information about products.

When people see their connections sharing information about a product they enjoyed, they’re more likely to look into that product themselves. Making it easy and encouraging customers to share information about your business, possibly even hosting giveaways, means more people will learn about your company and be interested in checking it out once they see recommendations from the people they follow online.

Easier to communicate

Digital marketing makes it easier for consumers to connect with each other in relation to your company, but it also makes it easier for you to connect directly with your customers. With digital marketing and an online presence, it becomes much easier to communicate with consumers. Whether you’re following up with an issue a customer had, sharing news and events, highlighting a sale, or simply interacting with consumers to build a relationship, digital marketing makes all of these goals so much simpler.

Levels the playing field

Many small businesses do not utilize digital marketing to its full capabilities. For small businesses, digital marketing provides a wonderful opportunity to better level the playing field when competing with much larger companies in the industry. This benefit holds true for larger businesses that are competing with one another as well. When a company has a strong presence online and stands out in some way, people take notice and talk about it; that buzz can lead to more business and greater brand recognition.

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