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Charles Licastro: Owner Of Ace Kitchens & Baths

Charles Licastro: Owner Of Ace Kitchens & Baths

Charles Licastro of Morristown, NJ is a home renovation expert with decades of experience. Growing up in a family full of builders and masons, this industry has always been a part of Charles’s life. From a young age, he was fascinated by the ability to transform a home into a work of art. During high […]

Eric Hulsman: President at Jay Holdings, Inc.

Eric Hulsman: President at Jay Holdings, Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in the real estate and business industries, Eric Hulsman has become a leader in his industry. Eric is currently the President and Managing Director of several of his residential, commercial and multi-family real estate holdings companies. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Eric Hulsman has opened a variety of businesses throughout […]

Moksh Popli: Entrepreneur And Business Consultant

Very few people can call themselves a true “Jack of All Trades,” but Moksh Popli is the real deal. Years of experience in business, advertising, IT consulting and security software, and travel consulting has allowed Moksh to acquire a well-rounded and impressive set of skills, making him an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. Now, […]

Dr. Linda Ellis: Professor, Curator, Researcher And Writer

History is an essential tool for understanding our world today, as well as for planning the future.  Whether learning about ancient societies or our human ancestry, Dr. Linda Ellis is passionate about finding the roots of the current dilemmas that affect us all. She is fascinated by how civilizations negotiated their natural and social environments […]

Steve Farzam: COO of the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, CA

Steve Farzam is not only a leader in the hospitality business for over 10 years, but also in emergency medicine, law, and disaster relief. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Shore Hotel in Santa Monica but has been in the hospitality industry from a young age since his family owned and operated a […]

Hani Al Saleh: CEO of Arabian Hala

Hani Al Saleh serves as the CEO of Arabian Hala​, a leading provider of logistics in Saudi Arabia. He specializes in supply chain management and transportation, ensuring that companies across the globe are able to work as efficiently as possible. His primary career experience includes initiating multiple investments, including Naqel Co. and Hala Supply Chains. […]

Ryan Stroh: Manager at Partners in Primary Care

Located in Greenville, South Carolina, ​Ryan Stroh​ works as the Patient Relations Professionals Area Manager for Partners in Primary Care. In this role, Ryan strives to develop partnerships with the insurance brokers in the community and build enduring relationships with them. As PRP Area Manager, Ryan is responsible for the growth and retention of all […]

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva: Owner of SPS

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva is a Venezuelan businessman based in Miami. He owns Southern Procurement Services (SPS), which operates on a multinational platform and works to develop and offer the latest, most cutting-edge technology within the oil and petroleum sector. Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva has been working in the oil and petroleum industry for the […]

John Seckel: President and CEO of Seckel Enterprises

John Seckel, originally from Philadelphia, now resides in beautiful San Diego, California. He graduated from Northeastern University in December of 2003. John Seckel has always known that he wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and he has made good on that promise to himself. He has gotten to this point through his hard work focus. […]

Larry Stone: Realtor Associate

Living in Margate City, NJ, Larry Stone works as a Realtor Associate for Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty where he primarily services the Margate, Longport, and Ventnor area. After retiring from teaching and playing golf full-time, Larry dove head first into a career in real estate and established himself in the area over 20 years ago. […]

Nabil Adam: Professor at Rutgers University

Dr. Nabil Adam is a highly distinguished Professor of Medicine and Computer & Information Systems at Rutgers University. He holds a B.S. in Engineering from Cairo University, two Master’s degrees, and a Ph.D. in Engineering from Columbia University. Dr. Adam specializes in healthcare technology, cybersecurity, clinical/healthcare informatics, and machine learning. As an accomplished professor, he […]

Ludmila Aramian, MD: Board Certified Psychiatrist

Ludmila Aramian, MD is a board-certified Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist licensed in the state of New York. Although Dr. Aramian always knew that she wanted to be a physician, it was not until her college years that she realized she wanted to specialize in the field of psychiatry, as she could make a larger difference if she […]

Lisa Stone

Lisa Stone is a human rights activist based out of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. One issue that Lisa cares deeply about is preventing heroin abuse. Lisa experienced the devastating effects of heroin abuse when a close family member’s life was derailed entirely because of it. It was then when she realized how dangerous the drug truly […]

Dan Bellows: Owner Of Sydgan

Dan Bellows is someone who can see a diamond in the rough. There are many construction companies out there that focus on the renovation and new construction of a home or building. Yet, there are very few who focus on renovating and restoring a portion of his home town. This is exactly what Dan Bellows […]

Steven A. Miner II: Principal Partner At The Miner Law Firm

Lawyer and Harley Davidson enthusiast, Steven A. Miner II is the principal partner at the Miner Law Firm. Based in Barrington, Illinois, Steven practices in five counties and is licensed to practice in the Federal Court in the Northern District of Illinois. Steven always knew he wanted to be a lawyer and grew up going […]

Dr. Allen Cherer: Neonatologist

Dr. Allen Cherer is an experienced neonatologist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Throughout his over 30-year career, Dr. Cherer has prided himself on providing quality, compassionate care to his newborn patients and their families. Dr. Cherer’s tenure, though longstanding, has reflected a continuous drive to remain up-to-date and in tune with modern neonatology trends (as well […]