Charles Licastro

Charles Licastro of Morristown, NJ is a home renovation expert with decades of experience. Growing up in a family full of builders and masons, this industry has always been a part of Charles’s life. From a young age, he was fascinated by the ability to transform a home into a work of art.

During high school, Charles was able to study woodworking through his school’s work-study program. This program was instrumental in solidifying Charles’s love for the trade, and ultimately, it was a major factor in his decision to pursue renovations as a career. Although he did go to university at Fairleigh Dickinson University, his drive and passion for renovations led him to simultaneously begin his business.

Throughout his life, Charles Licastro has built his business, Ace Kitchens & Baths, from the ground up. Although he started his business from his parents’ home, he ultimately grew it and was able to expand to a large showroom. Over 40 years later, the business is still providing top-notch work for families in Northern New Jersey.

A trait that sets Charles’s business apart is the community-driven aspect. Customer service is always top-of-mind at Ace Kitchens & Baths, which has given them a great reputation around the area as a reliable contractor. It is exciting to Charles when he is able to take a family’s dream and turn it into a reality. This motivating factor is what leads to such high-quality work.Outside of his career, Charles Licastro likes to spend time with his family. Family has always been the most important thing in his life, and he strives to always find time to spend together. Charles also enjoys outdoor activities, such as boating and fishing. Charles looks forward to his family’s annual trip to Florida, where he is able to take some much-deserved time off and pursue his hobbies and quality family time.

Charles Licastro On Common Renovation Mistakes

A home renovation is a challenge to overcome. There are expensive installation costs to consider and additional fees hidden in the bills. Then, there’s the long list of contractors to review for hire. One mistake could be the cost of the entire budget. Careful research and planning are necessary to avoid these common renovation mistakes.

Not Enough Money

Lacking the money to complete a project is the most common complaint. The first step is to set aside enough money before starting. The average cost to renovate every room in an entire house is $40,000. The average cost for a bathroom or kitchen remodel varies from $5,000 to $10,000.

Too Much Money

Spending too much money on a renovation is another concern. People set budgets so that they don’t go over their limits and end up in debt. Planning the renovation carefully is important from the beginning. This includes deciding if lighted mirrors or brand-new tables are really needed. The money that is overspent on frivolous accessories could be spent on home repairs or replacement needs instead.

Too Original

Some homeowners try too hard to make the new renovation complement the old style of the house. They’re under no obligation to make the new walls, floors or furniture match the looks that first came with the house. Plus, a look that is too original is considered by some to be too bland and uninteresting.

Not Considering Traffic

It’s easy to focus too much on style and not on efficiency. So, it’s possible to design a room that is too cramped or has too much space. Without proper form and function, the designer creates rooms that are uncomfortable for everyone to live in.

The house should accommodate the right amount of traffic that flows in and out. There needs to be a clear pathway for people to enter or exit the room without bumping into furniture. The furniture should not rub against the wall or sit too close to the door. Paying attention to little details like these makes a huge difference in the levels of comfort.

Any experienced interior designer will tell homeowners that renovation mistakes are common. That does not mean that preventable mistakes have to be made. It’s important to plan a home renovation project carefully and before making any costly decisions.