Timothy J Pagliara is a financial advisor with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. From Franklin, TN, Timothy currently works with CapWealth, an investment firm that focuses on customized plans for each client, as well as transparency and education for clients. Due to their attention to client service, CapWealth has been recognized locally and nationally for their outstanding work.

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Additionally, Timothy has a desire to educate both his clients and the general public on the national debt crisis. He currently serves as co-chairman of the Tennessee chapter of the Fix The Debt campaign, which is aiming to restore the U.S. economy by finding routes for growth. To Timothy, it is crucial that people in the U.S. understand the impact of the mounting debt in the country, and that they promote policies that work to reduce or eliminate the national debt.

Although Timothy looks for ways to help others through his work, he is also an avid philanthropist. Several years ago, Tim started Pagliara Charities, an organization that has helped to build a school in Tanzania. The Mwenge Catholic University in Moshi, Tanzania is a school where people can learn how to teach math and science.

As Timothy J Pagliara has worked to help Tanzania, much of his charitable efforts are focused on his community and the U.S. at large. He is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis. He has also served in several leadership positions with various organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, Carnton Plantation, Battle Ground Academy, the Boy Scouts of America, and Saint Thomas Hospital.

While Timothy puts much of his time and energy into his business, as well as his charitable works, he enjoys spending time off with his children. He also partakes in outdoor activities, such as skiing and hiking. Two of Timothy J Pagliara’s proudest accomplishments are hiking to the base camp of Mount Everest and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 11 times.

Timothy J Pagliara on the Importance of Serving Children in Your Community

Communities give everyone a sense of connection and belonging. Children, in particular, feel safe and valued in a community that caters to their needs in life. Some children may not have the same access to resources and technologies that others do. This can affect their learning and views on the world as they grow up. The simple giving of books can change the life of a child in your community. It’s important to remember that all children may be going through different obstacles and living situations than others, but they all matter at the end of the day. Here are tips for helping out different groups of children in your community.

Title 1 Programs

Title 1 Programs are known for helping children who go to high-poverty driven schools. Funds are donated to help them achieve their goals in academics. Every year, almost 9 million children participate in Title 1 programs since about 95% of school districts offer them. The program normally focuses on helping children who are in elementary school with their reading in hopes that they take what they learn to the middle school and high school level. Contact your local school district to see how you can help and volunteer in one of the Title 1 programs offered there.

Children with Disabilities

Being inclusive and helping out children with disabilities in your community can also help you learn more as a volunteer. Not many community programs offer opportunities for children with disabilities when it comes to education. Recognize what you want to accomplish and benefit from this sort of assistance. There is some proper training that you may have to do but it will all be worth it in the end. There is nothing greater than helping out a group of people who are often overlooked.

Culturally Diverse ChildrenChildren who come from other countries are not always given the same opportunities in education. They may be new to a community that doesn’t reach out to the new groups coming in. Linguistic differences also play a big role in getting them involved. If you know a second language, consider helping children with their native language and transferring it to English through speech, reading, and writing. By helping children learn a second language at a young age you can help them reach great success and job opportunities throughout their lives.

Timothy J Pagliara