Sonia Hodgin is a dedicated entrepreneur and philanthropist currently based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over two decades of experience helping others through both her profession and charitable endeavors, Sonia Hodgin has committed her life to leverage her wealth and knowledge with the community. 

Sonia Hodgin Surprisingly Free

A graduate of Phoenix, Arizona, Sonia Hodgin began her professional career working for Linktivity/Spartacom as a Software Senior Executive. For three years, Hodgin offered collaborative web conferencing solutions with remote tools to engage a desktop virtually anywhere. As a Software Senior Executive, Sonia also worked directly with add-on modules customized and designed to brand larger companies for private labeling. During her time working as a Software Executive, Sonia also volunteered her time with the Boys Scouts of America as a Den Leader. Under this role, for three years, Sonia offered guidance and leadership to scouts in Oro Valley, Arizona. In November of 2011, Sonia Hodgin served as Fundraiser Chair for Boy Scouts of America in Tucson, Arizona. 

Today, Sonia Hodgin is focused on expanding her businesses as a multifaceted entrepreneur. She currently serves as a Master Fomulaic 300 Instructor, Consultant, and Mentor with FORMULAIC INC.  She is also the proud founder of Love Lily & Abby, Hodgin & Co., and [poh koh mod] architecture/design, and takes an active role in each business. With over 22  years of experience as a Real-estate Investor, coupled with an extensive, diverse background Sonia Hodgin continues to be a valuable mentor and consultant to her community.

Sonia Hodgin continues to support communities locally, nationally, and internationally. As a born and raised Catholic, she has been proudly involved in the catholic dioceses; Youth ministry & education for over ten years. Sonia is a Godmother of 5 Godchildren and an aunt to 19 nephews and nieces. 

Sonia Hodgin’s Tips to Help You Dress to Impress at Your Job Interview

Dressing appropriately for a job interview shows the interviewer that you are taking the interview seriously. Dressing well helps you make an excellent first impression, but wearing your best clothes can also help you feel more confident and perform better during your interview. With over two decades of experience working in executive roles, Sonia has had her fair share of interviews and meetings with mentors and employees. Hodgin’s tips will help you find success at your next job interview for both men and women.

Hygiene and Grooming

Make sure that you are clean and well-groomed. Take a shower, clean your hair, and make yourself look presentable. Have a haircut before the big day and make sure your fingernails are clean.

Men should be freshly shaven. Those who do have a mustache or a beard should make sure that it is neat and well-trimmed.

It would help if you also washed your hands before the interview; nobody wants to shake a clammy and sweaty hand. 

Perfume and Cologne

Make sure you smell good but avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne. The pungent smell can be unpleasant for other people, especially if you are interviewing in a small room. You don’t want the interviewer to be overwhelmed by your perfume, so keep it minimal.

Your Outfit

Your choice of clothes will depend on the job you are applying for. For example, if you’re applying for an office job, a smart suit would be best. However, if you’re using to work in a tech startup, you may find that more casual attire is suitable. If you’re in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of formality. Also, ensure that your clothes are cleaned and pressed before the big day.


Wear shoes which are appropriate for the job, the season, and go well with the clothes you are wearing. It would look unusual to wear sandals in the winter or when wearing your best suit. Similarly, it would look weird to wear smart shoes if you’re going for the casual look. Whatever shoes you decide to wear, make sure that they are clean and polished.


Too much makeup makes you look unprofessional, so keep makeup to a minimum. You’re applying for a professional position, so keep that in mind. Try to keep a natural look and avoid bright colors. Again, this depends on the job you’re applying for.

A crisp suit, good shoes, clean fingernails, and a lovely hairstyle will help immensely when trying to make an excellent first impression. People will notice what you’re wearing, and it’s best to play it safe. Imagine that you are an interviewer and dress as you would expect somebody to dress when applying for a job. Having been both a consultant and mentor to many, Sonia Hodgin has become a firm believer in first impressions. Meeting someone who has taken the time to think about how they might be portrayed to someone in a professional setting speaks volumes. For more tips from Sonia Hodgin, visit her website or connect on LinkedIn!

Sonia Hodgin