A multitalented entrepreneur, Sean Baltzell is located in St. Louis, Missouri. As a relentless creative, Sean works as a tattoo artist and has supported his local community as a businessman and driven entrepreneur. Sean has created a career around his passions, tattoos, liquor, and barbering. Sean holds licenses for all three and has developed and built over a dozen businesses during his career.

Sean Baltzell

Sean Baltzell has founded businesses in various industries, including a barbershop, salon, an online apron manufacturing corporation, a Tex-Mex restaurant, an arcade bar, and a world-renowned tattoo shop. Sean can combine an analytical and empathetic approach to his management style and empower employees to hone their craft, curate their talents, and help the group achieve a more significant outcome.

Sean’sSean’s love of entrepreneurship has also made his mark in the Missouri cannabis industry. He started as an outsider and is now the CEO and a Board Member for a cannabis startup that was awarded a license to operate from the state.  The cannabis startup has allowed Sean Baltzell to build out his professional network and work with skilled professionals in the industry, including master cultivators, experienced dispensary managers, and seasoned processing technicians. 

But throughout his career, Sean’sSean’s focus has been growing his tattoo business. He has traveled all over the globe to learn first-hand culturally significant techniques and met and collaborated with other tattoo artists. Sean has also gained valuable insight and knowledge about the industry from the professionals he’s collaborated with. 

Over the past 20 years, Sean has established himself throughout the St. Louis community and is known for his biggest passion, creating and building a community. Now, Sean Baltzell enjoys a quieter life in the countryside with his wonderful wife and kids. He continues to work on growing businesses and has a few exciting projects on the horizon. 

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Sean Baltzell on Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

If you’re interested in getting your first tattoo, you’ll have to begin by finding someone to do the work for you. This involves looking for tattoo artists in your area and evaluating their quality of work. Like any other form of art, the quality of the work will depend on the talent and skill of the artist. You’ll get much better results if you take the time to look for the best tattoo artists in your area.

Ask for Referrals

If you have friends or co-workers who have tattoos, ask them about the artists they have used in the past. In particular, look for tattoos you like and find out who performed the work. This can give you a list of potential artists to consider. Once you have a list, you can compare the skills and talent of each tattoo artist as a means of narrowing down your choices.

Evaluate the Work

You can start narrowing down your choices for tattoo artists by evaluating each artist’s work on your list. Visit their websites and social media pages. Most tattoo artists will upload photos of their work to demonstrate their abilities. If you find one or two artists who stand out, contact them and ask for customer referrals. This will help you learn about the experiences of past customers. You can also look for online reviews for each artist’s tattoo business.

Visit the Shop

Once you have narrowed down your options, visit the business location for each tattoo artist. As you browse their shops, pay attention to the general cleanliness of the store and the condition of the equipment. Sterilization is critical for tattoo needles, so talk to the artist about this process. Before committing to anything, you should feel comfortable with the artist’s cleanliness, skill, and persona.

While tattoo fails are fun to look at on social media, they’re less amusing when the badly drawn tattoo is on your skin. Once created, a tattoo is expensive and nearly impossible to remove. If you don’t like the tattoo, you may have to cover it up with a second tattoo since this is the most cost-effective option available. The better choice is to think before you ink.

Sean Baltzell
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Tattoo Artist