Samuel Pinion of New York is a dedicated volunteer and philanthropist with a passion for improving and providing education to those in need. Samuel is no stranger to acknowledging the privilege and opportunities his education provided him. 

After escaping the confines of West Virginia thanks to his schooling, he came to understand that his peers who lacked an education were unlikely to experience the same level of social mobility. Samuel Pinion also quickly learned that many children residing in low socioeconomic neighborhoods often find themselves without mentors to help them succeed academically beyond secondary school. This is another luxury offered to Samuel Pinion and one he intends to pass on to those who need it. 

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Throughout Samuel Pinion’s professional life, almost every cause that he works with revolves around education. As of now, Samuel is a volunteer at iMentor New York, Organizer and Board Member for Friends of Will, and recently became Graphite Board Member for the nationally recognized nonprofit organization Pencils of Promise (PoP).

Once Samuel Pinion found his passion for education-based nonprofits, he began volunteering closer to home and soon became a Friend of the Hudson River Park. While working the 2019 Annual Gala, over $3M was raised for an educational center in Tribeca. Samuel Pinion can also be found volunteering at St. Joe’s Soup Kitchen, an all-volunteer-based organization that provides 400-500 meals every Saturday to New York’s homeless population.

After Samuel Pinion graduated from the University of Virginia, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Mcintire School of Commerce’s Real Estate Track, he worked with his family at Pinion Realty in Morgantown, West Virginia. Later on in his career, he worked with the West Virginia University administration to create a property management deal and ensure rent collection. Today, he holds a position as a VP at the largest non-bank commercial mortgage lender in the US. 

Outside of Samuel Pinion’s professional and philanthropic endeavors, he enjoys exploring the vast and varied New York restaurant scene. Referred to as the Human Yelp by his friends, he has an ever-growing spreadsheet of restaurants he’s been to and which ones he recommends. Samuel truly appreciates the way food brings people together—a commodity in the modern world.

As a dedicated volunteer and philanthropist, Samuel Pinion knows a thing or two about how to make a difference––no matter how small the efforts may be. 

Samuel Pinion on Small Ways to Make a Big Difference

Making a difference in the world can seem like a big challenge, even if it’s for a worthy cause. It’s hard to imagine that one person can spark change or touch the lives of people that are in need, which is a misconception that many people fail to donate to a charity or get involved in philanthropy. Samuel Pinion understands it can seem daunting at first, but he knows there are small ways for anyone to make a difference for a worthwhile cause. 

Look to Your Community

It certainly is harder to handle on your own when you’re doing something as big as making a difference in the world. This is why Samuel Pinion strongly suggests teaming up with your community. For a better chance of making a significant impact, find people around you who want to support the same cause. Together, you can organize fundraisers such as food, books, or clothing drives. Everyone working together as a team can help make the difference you’re trying to achieve. 

Donate Your Talents

It’s easy to think because you don’t have unlimited funds like some philanthropists, there’s not much you can do to help. Samuel Pinion knows first hand why that is simply untrue. Even if you don’t have money to give, there are still many ways you can help. Samuel suggests donating your skills or talents to nonprofit organizations and charities. For example, if you’re a lawyer, offer legal advice pro bono. If you’re a writer, help animal shelters write introductions and small bios for animals that need to be adopted. There are plenty of organizations in need of a professional’s help.

Spread Awareness

Almost everyone is on a social media platform and sharing funny videos or pieces of their lives in this day and age. Take the opportunity social media gives you by using your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other popular account to share causes you are passionate about. Again, Samuel Pinion understands that not everyone has the funds to donate to charities. However, merely sharing a link to some of your favorite organizations or directing your friends to sign petitions can make a huge difference. 

Caring enough to give back in small ways can sometimes make an even more impactful difference than writing a check. Samuel Pinion knows better than most that in philanthropy, caring enough to want to make a difference is what can genuinely make an impact on the world.

Samuel Pinion
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Vice President
LMF Commercial, LLC