In the dynamic environment of fast-paced hospital settings, Ryan James Mankowski from Melbourne, Florida, honed his skills in compassion, flexibility, and adaptability while proficiently navigating diverse medical technologies and addressing intricate cases.

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Over the course of fifteen years in the healthcare system, Ryan witnessed the rising popularity of medical technology tools. He finds immense fulfillment in contributing to an industry that enhances people’s longevity and happiness. With a background ranging from being a registered pharmacy technician to undertaking the role of a remote telehealth triage nurse, Ryan has showcased his compassion and proficiency in every position.

Initially, Ryan served as a Registered Pharmacy Technician in a local hospital, utilizing tools like Pyxis to ensure timely distribution of medications to patients while supporting the broader care team. Managing numerous phone calls, he provided assistance to nursing staff and various departments, ensuring the availability of essential medicinal supplies.

Although content in the pharmacy, Ryan decided to shift towards more direct patient care and pursued the education required to become a Registered Nurse (RN). From 2014 to 2020, he worked in diverse acute care settings, overseeing care plans in progressive care units, orthopedic units, and neurology. This involved monitoring, assessing, and caring for patients recovering from strokes, orthopedic surgeries, heart attacks, sepsis, and other acute conditions.

In these high-energy hospital settings, Ryan acquired the qualities of compassion, flexibility, and adaptability, navigating a spectrum of medical technologies and handling complex cases. His expertise includes managing electronic medical records and utilizing technologies like Pyxis, PULSE, Meditech, and PSS. Always intrigued by medical technology development, Ryan eagerly anticipates its continued evolution for more efficient patient service.

Given his interest in medical technology, Ryan enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to transition to remote telehealth work. Operating within a specific insurance network, he handled calls across all specialties and populations, from mental health crises to pediatric cases. Quick assessments of patient conditions over video calls, triaging symptoms, and offering recommendations and resources became part of his routine. This often involved sharing relevant CDC links or connecting patients with mental health resources.

In his telehealth role, Ryan expanded his technological skills and deepened his understanding of patient care. Regularly managing 911 and crisis interactions, navigating complex health situations, and acting as a team coach, he contributed to growth and improved metrics. Additionally, he facilitated employee recognition, boosting team morale and enhancing his educational capabilities. Ryan adeptly incorporated new tech tools like Dragon Medical One, Citrix, and MedNet to deliver remote care securely while managing paperwork efficiently.

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Our Interview With Ryan James Mankowski

Question: What’s the most important thing we should know about you?
Ryan James Mankowski: The most important thing to know about me is that I am determined to make positive changes in people’s lives, make things run smoother and safer; also, make everyone smile.

Question: Name the most impactful lesson you learned from failure.
Ryan James Mankowski: Failure is something we all struggle to understand at some point; yet, like drowning, it only claims you if you give up on reaching the surface and give in to the deep; conversely, some learn to reach the sky and even the stars through failure.

Question: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Ryan James Mankowski: My proudest accomplishment is definitely my experience working as a nurse over the last 10 years.

Question: What did you waste the most time on when you were first starting your career?
Ryan James Mankowski: I feel like I wasted my time worrying more than most should and it inhibited my growth as a confident professional; though, worrying is also a talent I utilize in the professional space.

Question: Name a tool you use for work that you can’t live without.
Ryan James Mankowski: A physical or digital notepad is definitely a tool I use for work that I can’t live without!

Question: What is your favorite hobby and why?
Ryan James Mankowski: My favorite hobby is gaming with friends because friends become like family over the years and the virtual space is like a vacation from the stresses of everyday living.

Question: What excited you the most about your industry right now?
Ryan James Mankowski: Right now, my industry has made recent breakthroughs linking causative factors to specific permanent diseases like Parkinson’s and ADHD. When a cause is found, a cure may be closer than any of us imagined. I’m very excited about the innovation toward healthier living.

Question: What concerns you most about your industry right now?
Ryan James Mankowski: The health care industry is struggling to maintain adequate staffing in physical locations like emergency departments; thus, super long wait times have resulted. This is bad for everyone; though, there are also advances that help alleviate this, such as telehealth.

Question: What’s the greatest risk you’ve ever taken?
Ryan James Mankowski: The greatest risk I’ve ever taken was definitely owning a motorcycle and everything that comes with that; however, I managed to rid myself of it in the interest of longevity before I ever had an accident or an injury.

Question: Name one small habit that positively impacts your productivity.
Ryan James Mankowski: One small habit that positively impacts my productivity is my ironclad compassion, which helps me make sure to do everything with safety and quality in tandem; simply put, I care a lot!

Question: What tips do you have for getting a seat at the table?
Ryan James Mankowski: A seat at the table is simple to achieve if you let go of your fears and be confident. Hope is the only fuel stronger than fear. Always try your best and you’ll be your best self, every day!

Question: What book has made the biggest impact on your life?
Ryan James Mankowski: The book Dune part one is definitely the winner of most impactful. The way it was written increased my own self-awareness and I found myself being more mindful of all things. It really makes you appreciate every second.

Ryan James Mankowski