Ron Navarreta of Anaheim, California, has extensive security and crime expertise backed by almost 30 years of experience. Ron has a Bachelor’s degree, as well as a Master’s in Corporate Security Management. The majority of Ron Navarreta’s career was in law enforcement before working in the private security industry.

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When his childhood dreams of a career in law enforcement came true, Ron relished in the thought that he was a part of something bigger—an entity whose sole purpose is to give people a sense of security. The dynamic nature of teamwork always appealed most to Ron because he was such a people-person.

In 2015, after spending a decade in law enforcement, Ron Navarreta joined the private sector and began his career in private security. Throughout his impressive career, Ron worked as a consultant, leading security teams, conducting security assessments, and managing client relationships. The transition in careers was easy for Ron when he realized that the teamwork component inherent in law enforcement precincts was also present in private sector security. 

Through his transition into private security, Ron Navarreta also discovered that the world’s current state demands that critical infrastructure, private business, and the people within these institutions must be—and feel—protected. Ron soon became familiar with how the perceived absence of security can demoralize individuals to the point that it harms productivity. Unplanned time off caused by fear and feelings of being unappreciated can be toxic to operations. Fortunately, a robust corporate security plan can mitigate such a negative impact, which Ron finds immensely rewarding as a security professional.

In a world full of threats resulting from modern technology and way of life, Ron Navarreta understands many of them can be found hiding in the corporate world. Whether it be workplace violence, natural and man-caused disasters, and technological breaches, companies can have both preventative solutions and retroactive plans through private security. Ron Navarreta has a passion for instructing organizations on how to mitigate workplace violence and loves how his career has helped others find ways to keep themselves safe and, in turn, keep those around them safe.

Ron Navarreta on the Importance of Corporate Security

Ron Navarreta understands better than most that corporate security’s main role has always been to protect organizations from both internal and external threats against everything. This includes customer and employee data, as well as the staff themselves and any physical hardware and technology. In addition to seeking ways to combat potential threats, the role of corporate security is also to manage existing developments so they may be diffused or kept to a minimum before escalating. Their success is intrinsically intertwined with the success and survival of a corporation.

Corporate Security has always played an important role when it comes to being proactive and reactive against threats. People want to know their companies are safe and in today’s modern world, as Ron Navarreta explains, that includes gathering intelligence gained from both the digital and physical realms. 

With the double-edged sword of needing both attendees and trying to stay safe, C-Suite executives and other employees who host or attend important events are at a new vulnerability level. This level of vulnerability leaves too much opportunity for security threats and issues. Social media has been a godsend to those who want to promote events and share vacation experiences without cost. Still, over his extensive career, Ron Navarreta knows that it also comes with a hefty price tag in other ways. 

Even data isn’t as simple to guard as it used to be. Emerging technologies and innovations bring in more threats every day. Not only are cyber-criminals getting smarter, but the trove of data being amassed is coming from multiple sources. Every new avenue of intelligence gathering comes with its own entry point for potential threats, from security cameras to email marketing strategies. There is also a reasonable concern for people in today’s culture who express any personal views or opinions unrelated to work. 

Fortunately, there are numerous platforms and apps to use as resources. Ron Navarreta highly recommends the tool ZeroFOX. Their mission statement clearly conveys how dedicated and focused they are on preventing attackers from exploiting people and their data through phishing scams and other digital threats. Also, location protection around sites like VIPs’ home can provide swift locational awareness using artificial intelligence. 

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Security Operations Manager