Ramy Georgy, a Dentist in Australia, has been interested in dental healthcare for quite some time now. He has quite the experienced past in terms of education, as he attended Monash University, the University of Adelaide, and the University of Sydney. His studies included pharmaceuticals, commerce, dental surgery, orthodontics, and the Invisalign Clear Orthodontic Aligners Training Program. Immediately after graduating, Ramy opened his first clinic and has since opened a bought a grand total of nine clinics. After serving as the Principal Dentist at Pure Smile Dental, Ramy became the Managing Director of Smiles of Melbourne, a role he has been serving in since 2015.

Ramy Georgy Dentist

This clinic of his allows him to build his own clientele of individuals who return to him for his expertise and valued service. He prides himself on offering a welcoming environment for his clients to approach for appointments. Some of Ramy’s top skills include dentistry, practice management, and customer service, the last of these being a valued skill in his practice. Through understanding that many patients deal with anxiety when coming in for appointments, Ramy uses his friendly persona to explain everything in detail to his patients and relieve any worries they may have about their reason for visiting the clinic.

Wanting to continually learn about his field, Ramy has successfully completed two Harvard Business School courses. Outside of work, he is also passionate about crypto and tech, two evolving fields that bring exciting opportunities to businesses. Ramy follows these trends closely and brainstorms ways to apply them to his business. With the world beginning to depend less on cash, Ramy is interested in seeing how these emerging technologies continue to impact the world of banking and money exchanges.

In his free time, Ramy spends his free time with his family and enjoys playing basketball. Visit his LinkedIn and Twitter to stay updated with his career.

Ramy Georgy Dentist on the Root of Mouth Ulcers

We’ve all been there. One day, we begin to realize an ulcer is forming on our mouths that proceeds to irritate us for the next several days and makes it painful to eat or drink certain foods, especially if acidic. Given their seemingly odd appearance, many individuals wonder where these originate from and what they personally did to cause it. 

What Causes Mouth Ulcers?

Even after conducting research on this bothersome issue, the exact cause of mouth ulcers is still widely unknown. It is simply a common pain that almost everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Even with the exact reasoning being unknown, however, there are a few factors that can contribute to this sore.

  1. Braces or retainers: Oftentimes, those undergoing orthodontic work will find themselves more vulnerable to mouth ulcers, given that these foreign obstructive objects on their teeth can irritate their inner cheeks and mouth.
  2. Biting your cheek: Another universal experience that humans face is the painful moment when they bite their cheek or tongue while eating. While this pain usually only lasts for a moment, it can give just enough allowance for a more painful ulcer to form, lasting for days.
  3. Acidic foods: If one eats lots of highly-acidic foods in their day-to-day diet, they may find themselves in a higher likelihood of forming a mouth ulcer. As their ulcer is presently trying to heal, they’ll learn to lay off the acidic foods, as eating these while an ulcer is present can lead to a painful stinging sensation.
  4. Using harsh toothpaste: While suffering from a mouth ulcer, many individuals also dread brushing their teeth, as this brushing motion and the toothpaste itself can irritate the ulcer further. In some cases, toothpaste and/or harsh brushing can be what triggered the mouth ulcer to form in the first place. This doesn’t warrant individuals to discontinue this daily hygiene practice, but if mouth ulcers are a recurring problem, they may want to take a look at their toothpaste’s ingredients and switch up the brand they use to problem-shoot.

What is the Proper Way to Treat a Mouth Ulcer?

Even with mouth ulcers being a common dental health issue, a lot of individuals still need some guidance on how to care for this sensitive issue. Most heal on their own and do not require a doctor’s intervention or pills to numb the pain. However, dentists do recommend upping your water intake, rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater, and avoiding acidic or spicy foods until it heals up. The first few days of your mouth ulcer will likely be an annoyance, but with proper care, you can look forward to a speedy recovery.

Ramy Georgy
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