Paul Mior is a dynamic professional who works for the construction firm of Abbotsford Group Inc. He is the company’s project manager, which specializes in providing custom homes and renovations. He also oversees the various aspects of each project.

The company has expanded its services to include the outdoors, which allows it to provide its clients with even better customer service. The Mior brothers saw a need for this type of service and immediately responded.

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Over the years, Paul Mior has developed many strong personal and professional relationships. He continues to build these connections through networking and charitable activities. While he is a skilled home builder, he is passionate about supporting his community through philanthropy.

Due to his positive attitude and meticulous work, Paul Mior is in high demand. He is also a certified mold remediator, which means he can go into homes and remove mold spores without causing further damage. This type of service is tough to find, but with the help of his team, you can rest assured that your home will be thoroughly cleaned and restored.

Through his work, Paul has gained a wide range of skills, such as contract writing, project management, and value engineering. He also enjoys working with clients and developing new relationships. One of the most critical factors he has learned over the years is the value of networking. While he has maintained a high level of professional relationships, he started branching out more recently by attending various networking events. Not only does this allow him to meet new people, but it also helps bring business to the company.

When he’s not working, Paul is very involved in his community and philanthropy. He recently partnered with Rogers BIA, a charitable organization that focuses on helping communities through construction projects. He is very passionate about this type of project and how it can be combined with his love for philanthropy.

Paul Mior was a Board Member of Villa Charities, a charitable organization that supports senior citizens in the Toronto area. He is also a founding member of a local organization known as Vida Community Living Services, established in 1986. The organization was established with a budget of only $350k annually.

Paul Mior was instrumental in this organization’s growth and is currently listed as one of the organization’s most rewarding individuals. For over twenty years, Paul was a part of the organization’s operations. He rose from his position as the organization’s treasurer to the president before he left in 2011.

Paul Mior attributes his success to his passion for his profession and dedication to his work. Whether he’s working on a project that involves building a home from scratch or raising funds for a charitable organization, he is doing it passionately.

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Paul Mior Discusses Technologies in Home Improvement

Massive technological advancements in recent years have redefined various aspects of life, including how people plan and complete many home improvement projects. In order to make the most of the digital age while pursuing projects around the home, the following innovative products can provide a valuable wealth of convenience.

Unbreakable Light Bulbs

One of the most frustrating experiences for any homeowner involves dropping a light bulb on the ground and watching it shatter into countless pieces. Not only is it difficult to clean and potentially dangerous if any of the shards are left behind, but it also requires finding a replacement bulb to fit into the socket. A compelling new design was recently released, however, that can make this inconvenience a thing of the past. Known as the Incredibulb, it is made out of silicone and will bend, not break, if it is dropped. Better yet, the exterior remains cool to the touch, so there will be no more burns when touching a bulb that has recently been turned off.

UV Sanitizer

Throughout the global pandemic, people everywhere have been interested in sanitizing a number of different surfaces. Of course, it is not always convenient to squirt a dab of liquid sanitizer, and the smell can be off-putting to some users. Fortunately, there is a new option that uses UV light rays to kill almost all types of bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses that could lead to illnesses. This is a mess-free and simple solution to keeping all areas of the home safe and clean.

Laser Measuring Device

Most people working on home improvement projects are familiar with tape measures, which provide a relatively handy way to determine the distance of various objects. The downside, however, is that it is hard to keep one side of the tape in place while extending it to the other side, especially if just one person is working on the job. A number of impressive products, such as the Bosch Blaze Pro, have eliminated this problem through the use of lasers. Not only are these devices highly accurate, but they are easy to use and come equipped with features such as the ability to conduct equations that can provide great insights after taking just one measurement.

Paul Mior
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Project Manager
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