Paul Heald is part of the University of Illinois Law faculty and serves as a Professor of Law as well as an author of a number of books. He’s had a well-rounded career both in academia and as a fiction novelist, which is an interesting combination that makes him a very unique individual to do a profile on.

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The topics that Paul teaches are primarily focused on copyright, IP, and patent law both domestically and overseas. Understanding these disciplines are all essential in the current day where concepts, ideas, and information are the new currency. This has been an attractive field for many law professors in recent times, but a select few like Paul Heald really help push things forward.

He has also published papers on these topics quite frequently. Exploring the complexities of patent law and possible solutions in a murky world is just one example of topics that you can find him writing about.

In addition to these academic works, he’s also published a few novels as well. Here’s a list of his novels:

Before Paul Heald got to his current position at the University of Illinois he was a faculty member at the University of Georgia School of Law. He had a very accomplished career during his time at the university, which carried over to his work at Illinois.

His background in education is tied to the University of Illinois as well. Paul Heald has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in literature from the University of Illinois. After completing these programs he went to the University of Chicago where he earned his law degree and led him down the path he still follows today.

It’s easy to look at the list of accomplishments that Paul Heald can claim and think that some of his novelist work is more of a side project, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. He takes it seriously and the quality of the writing is very impressive. It’s obviously not something he does just for kicks.

You see this so often with high-performers in various industries, and Paul Heald is no exception. When you do something you make sure to apply yourself and do it well. This has served him well as a Professor of Law, but also as a novelist.

If you want to connect with Paul Health online you can try him on Twitter where he seems to be somewhat active. You can also learn even more about him here.

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