Omid Chaman is a business owner who currently lives in the Great Neck area of New York.  He has developed a formidable amount of experience with more than 20 years of work by managing and developing a business. Today, Chaman has taken the reins with the family business of the Chaman Antique Rug Gallery, which offers more than 30 years of experience in the antique rug field, as well as several Certified Rug Appraisers among his staff.

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Chaman has worked hard throughout his career and has had to deal with several surprises over the course of his career. It has been his great pride to have been able to approach every leap and bound with expected flexibility and positivity.

As a curious and passionate mind, Chaman has always taken to his interests quickly. After graduating high school, he continued on to St. John’s University. There, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Toxicology. This was a strong interest of his, and he continued to study the topic until he earned a master’s degree in 1998. This was a very proud moment of his life, and he still carries a wealth of knowledge in the area of study.

Omid Chaman’s current business practice might not seem connected to his past studies, but he can attribute his success to the same goal and detail-oriented approach that was pressed upon him in his studies.

After earning his masters, Chaman pursued work in his field, but would ultimately take over the family business in New York. Today he is the Owner of Chaman Antique Rug Gallery, New York’s finest antique and oriental rug business. This Gallery has been continuously operating since ‘81 and is the pride of the Chaman family. The business has provided interested New Yorkers with decades of experience and knowledge in the fine art pieces that are rugs – the world’s oldest textiles. 

Their services include appraisal and care tips for the antique pieces that are brought in from all over the world. Most of the staff are certified appraisers, including Omid himself. 

But Omid Chaman is never settled enough to stop learning or broadening his horizons. He has recently earned certification in real estate sales and is eager to help others find a place in his hometown of Great Neck, where he and his family live and thrive.

As a father, he is proud of the family he has raised, and he eagerly continues to develop a life for his children that will allow them to be the best they can be. Part of why he continues to work on his business success and personal wealth is for them. But Omid knows how important it is to balance work and play, and spends as much time with family as he can. He goes out of his way to include them in his hobbies and interests, which include topics like fine art and sports cars.

Omid Chaman on Caring for Unique and Beautiful Antique Rugs

There are many reasons that we love our antiques. Whether it’s a personal family heirloom, a unique flea-market find, or the winnings of a difficult bidding war, these pieces of history find their ways into our lives in a variety of ways. Antiques are almost magical in the ways they help us connect to the past. But as with most things from the past, antiques can be fragile, even if they’ve survived decades of use. If you have a favorite rug or other pieces of antique textiles, you should ensure that it receives the same tender care that you would want for your grandmother. So without further ado, here are the basic care techniques for antique rugs.

Vacuum Dirt and Dust

Most rugs should be able to withstand a simple vacuum, but be gentle. Using a ‘bare floor’ setting will prevent the vacuum brushes from spinning, which would be much harsher than is necessary. For any tassels or decorative flourishes, use a nozzle or hand-vacuum for an even gentler dusting.

Spills Are Urgent

If you’ve ever had visitors over for any amount of time, you’ve likely seen a spill or two. While these are unavoidable, they should be dealt with quickly. For simple liquids, using a damp and undyed cloth is best for preventing discoloration. But should you have the misfortune of a wine-glass spilling, reach out to a professional cleaner who is experienced in cleaning oriental or antique rugs – a day-to-day cleaner might not be prepared for the needs of such a rug.

Consider the Wall

This is a piece of advice that many don’t expect, but it’s perfectly reasonable. These antiques are incredibly beautiful pieces of carefully crafted textiles. Consider how much work and care went into their creation and ask yourself if leaving it on the floor is the respect it deserves. Especially as frequent walking can cause damage to them. While you could simply ask visitors to avoid stepping upon the rug, it’s easier to place it out of the way, or yes, even on a wall. Not all rugs are light enough to hold up as a tapestry, thought. Treat these pieces like the artistic creations that they are – frame them, hang them, or find other creative ways to display them in their unmarred beauty.

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