Nino Jefferson Lim, based out of Los Angeles, is a successful businessman and the Founder of Island Pacific Market, a supermarket chain with various locations across the state. Nino had grown up working in supermarkets as many of his family members and family friends owned their own stores, including his mother.

Nino Jefferson Lim

Although Nino struggled in the past, he is very determined to succeed in anything he puts his mind to. In high school, Nino graduated bottom of his class, but he was accepted to Marymount University. There he has graduated top of his class, earning the title of Valedictorian. Nino Jefferson Lim then transferred to the University of Southern California and graduated with his Bachelor’s in Accounting. Soon after, he was left conflicted about an extensive choice he had to make. Should he pursue an accounting career in New York City or dive into the supermarket industry? 

In March of 2000, Nino decided to open up the first Island Pacific Market in Panorama City, California. He once again struggled at the beginning with supermarket chains and well-known local markets surrounding him. Nino was patient and determined, which has led him to build up his business in the food industry. Nino Jefferson Lim currently owns 16 Island Pacific Market locations in California and has even expanded to Las Vegas.

Since the business began, Nino Lim has been dedicated to supporting the needs of the Filipino community. He wants to place their cuisine more prominently on the culinary map. The Filipinos are the largest minority group in California and, before opening his market, Nino noticed there were few other stores catered to their culinary needs. Nino also vowed to serve his community better, and he has been dedicated to showing up and helping them for the past twenty years.

Nino Jefferson Lim is incredibly proud of being a CEO and business owner, but his most rewarding role is that of a father. He loves spending time with his children. As a family, they enjoy fishing, cheering on the Lakers, and watching the newest hit TV show on Netflix. 

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Nino Jefferson Lim on the Top Qualities of Successful Grocers

More than ever, grocery stores have been changing to fit the modern needs of consumers. These trends can be difficult to spot though for those that might new to the industry though. Whether you’re just interested in the industry or looking to build a grocery store for yourself, check out some of the trends successful grocery stores have been using.

Digital Presence

Whether it be shopping online or in an actual store, technology has changed how we purchase products and services. Grocery stores know this through various methods they have been using to increase their digital presence in stores.

For example, some grocery stores have digital kiosks in which customers can order specific products to be hand-made before being delivered to the customer. Grocery stores also have mobile applications where customers can save money and earn rewards off any of their regular grocery store purchases. Make sure you’re always paying attention to how grocery stores develop a digital presence for themselves.

Additional Services

Traditionally, customers are used to having to go inside a grocery store to pick out and purchase all of their groceries. With competition from services like Amazon Fresh, though, grocery stores have been offering additional services to their customers. An example of one of these services is curbside pickup, allowing customers to pick up their already sorted groceries by pulling up to the side of a grocery store.

Competing with more national delivery services like Amazon Fresh, grocery stores have been offering their own grocery delivery services. These services compete by offering lower prices on products typically seen only by going into a physical grocery store. As shopping trends change, it’s clear that grocery stores will continue to work on additional services for their customers.

Differentiating from Competitors

Depending on the area you live in, you might have many grocery stores around that don’t differentiate themselves from the prices and services they offer. Grocery stores know that they need to change their game up, if they are looking to build a customer base. This is why some grocery stores have been differentiating what they offer to customers.

Grocery stores have been able to do this by offering unique products like pre-packaged meals, so families have something easy to make during work nights. Other grocery stores offer hot pre-cooked food so families can go home and enjoy their food as soon as they get out of their car. It’ll be more critical over time for grocery stores to differentiate themselves.

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