Based in sunny Miami, FL, Nikolas Velikopoljski is a budding entrepreneur and founder of a luxury apparel and accessories company called The Benefitted. He’s a graduate of the University of Miami School of Business and holds a degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration and Management. 


Growing up, Nikolas Velikopoljski was always a creative thinker. He always enjoys putting a new spin on things and finding creative and innovative ways to solve problems and improve processes. His idea for the Benefitted came after Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium passed a strict rule against any attendees bringing traditional bags to events at the stadium. Using his creative problem-solving skills, Nikolas created branded, vinyl fanny packs that were stadium approved and provided attendees with incredible convenience. Today, The Benefitted has expanded its product line to other apparel and accessory items. 

Though The Benefitted is still within its early phase as a company, Nikolas Velikopoljski is confident that it is just the start of his entrepreneurial career. Since he’s never been someone that favors the traditional 9-5 job, he enjoys the creative freedom that comes with entrepreneurship and the ability to get out of the office to forge connections and become inspired. After all, Nikolas Velikopoljski believes that you truly can’t discover what people need by staying in. 

It’s this type of entrepreneurial spirit that has driven Nikolas Velikopoljski to continue his work and use his skills to improve his brand. In addition to his passion for the entrepreneurial life, Nikolas also has a major focus on community leadership and giving back to others. From his early years, Nikolas has always been involved with various charities and non-profit organizations. During his high school years, Nikolas regularly volunteered with a local homeless shelter called Sisters of Sacred Heart. Additionally, he was also heavily involved in Leading Miami, a youth-based community leadership program, and Get Smart, an organization that focuses on providing underfunded schools in the Bahamas with necessary supplies. 

When Nikolas Velikopoljski isn’t focusing on his business or community, he enjoys spending time with his friends and playing basketball. To learn more about Nikolas Velikopoljski and his insights, visit his blog, or follow him on Twitter

Nikolas Velikopoljski on Giving Back to Your Community During the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching, which usually brings out the best of people. All year round is the perfect time to give back to your community, but during the months of giving, you might have the urge to help more than usual. Be the change you want to see in your community this holiday season, and follow some of these tips on some ways you can give back.

Sponsor a Family

Get in contact with a local charity and ask if they have a program that can pair you with a family who needs a little more help than others this holiday season. Families with multiple children may need clothing and food to fill their cabinets. You can ask for clothing sizes and ideas for gifts that can put a smile on their faces. Many charities also take donations of items that people can come in and get when needed. Consider donating whatever you can to make a difference in a home that’s not as fortunate as yours. 

Deliver Pets to Their Home

There’s no perfect season to spend your time volunteering at an animal shelter, but something about the holidays is special. Many shelters like to personally deliver new pets to their new owners’ homes to make the experience very special for the entire family. Dress up puppies in a holiday outfit before knocking on the door for the big surprise. Contact your local animal shelters and see if there are any ways you can help as a delivery driver.

Volunteer During Colder Weather

When inclement weather come along, many homeless shelters and soup kitchens need more assistance. There’s a greater need for food and shelter for the homeless. As places begin to overflow, churches and other community centers will begin to open up to help. From passing out blankets to delivering food to those in need, there are so many ways you can help the homeless during the holiday season. Some people have no homes to go to and no faces to look forward to, so make an effort to put a smile on the faces you come across.

Donating Blood

There is always a need for blood donation, but during the holiday months, it can be hard to get people in to donate while they’re busier than usual. In order to prevent there from being any shortages, consider donating blood at your local Red Cross. This one act of kindness can help save a life. 

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