With over twenty years of experience in the finance industry, Nick Toadvine has truly made a name for himself. As Nick went on to continuously gain experience in his field, he became expertly trained in investment management, retirement income, risk management, estate planning, business planning, and tax reduction strategies.

Nick Toadvine

Nick Toadvine embraces new and exciting technologies into his professional career. Nick knows more than anyone that the world of finance is ever-changing and technology is developing new ways to look through every aspect of life. With new and emerging technologies always on the rise, Nick is driven to adopt ways in which he can better serve his clients in his financial planning practice. What started out as a simple hobby has transformed into an essential tool that can be helpful in various circumstances.

To date, Nick’s most significant accomplishment has been forming and managing his own financial planning company, Guardian Wealth Management from the ground up. At Guardian Wealth Management, Nick prides himself on the services that he provides to his clients. Nick’s most imperative priority is to keep his clients on for life by continuously providing them with valuable information geared specifically to their financial goals. With a passion to set his business apart from the average finance company, Nick truly listens to his client’s needs and offers them valuable information specifically geared towards their financial goals.
One of Nick Toadvine’s core beliefs is that people should seek to understand new technologies rather than push them away. As with any new technology, it will take time to understand it but, in the end, you will come out with a better knowledge of technology and new tools to use in your professional and personal life. Nick Toadvine applies this belief to the work that he does and is always open-minded and accepting of new perspectives, which is why he is a true story of success.

Tech That Can Help You Work From Home

During the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has to adapt to a new normal. As businesses close their doors and people are ordered to work from home, some are finding it a bit more challenging than others. Nick Toadvine understands that while working from home is a dream to some people, there are a few individuals that are finding it difficult to do their work and concentrate in this type of environment. As a technology professional and enthusiast, Nick Toadvine has go-to apps that can help you with working from home and stay focused.


Nick Toadvine suggests using the app Forest to truly keep yourself motivated while working around the clock at home. This nifty app has you plant trees in order to keep you focused. The more focus you have throughout the day, with the app always open, the more the tree grows. However, if you break that concentration and leave the app, the tree you planted dies. The more the app is used, you can then unlock new types of trees and achievements. It even allows you to plant trees with friends so everyone is pushed to stay focused. 

Hocus Focus

Another great app Nick Toadvine likes using to keep his mind on work and away from distractions at home is Hocus Focus. To keep focused on work, he likes how this app hides windows that are inactive for a certain period of time. This allows you to view one window at a time, making it much easier to focus on one thing at once instead of switching between different tasks over and over again. Make it work just for you by setting different time limits for distracting apps on your computer to disappear when they’re not in use. 

Mindful Browsing

It’s easy to put off work while at home and browse the internet and social media for panic-inducing headlines to keep track of the growing pandemic. Luckily, Nick Toadvine found that the app Mindful Browsing is a great way to drop that bad habit. This app is a plugin built specifically for Chrome that interrupts browsing those scary headlines with some beautiful photography instead. All you have to do is list the websites you want to be mindful about and something else you’d rather be doing–like a relaxing day at the beach.


Sometimes, it’s hard to know when you’re giving into distractions. One minute you’re working on a spreadsheet and the next you’re already on the fourth episode of a new Netflix series. To avoid this, Nick Toadvine suggests using the Chrome plug-in Motion. This app intervenes in real-time to remind you when you’re on a distracting site and then prompts you to close the distracting tab or you can choose to use it for one minute while the countdown begins. This app also shows you the tabs that are most distracting for you. 

Nick Toadvine understands how difficult it is getting used to this new normal and working from home, but he knows many of these apps will help motivate you and keep you right on track. 

Nick Toadvine