Neculai Gigi Catalin has built a miraculous career in the marketing industry, specifically within growing numerous businesses. Throughout his professional life, Neculai has echoed the importance of staying updated with the latest real-time situation-handling techniques that are applicable to the reality of running a business. His experience in marketing has led him to be an industry expert that newcomers come to again and again with questions, concerns, and inspiration. In the earlier years of his career, Neculai obtained a professional degree and immediately found work with a company. This immediate entrance into the competitive marketing field taught him the persistence that is required to excel in any field, especially in the advertising space.

Neculai Gigi Catalin

Although he found the foundational years of his career to be necessary to his growth, Neculai Gigi Catalin decided to pursue multiple marketing opportunities over the years and has since assisted a variety of companies with their growth and promotional efforts. Through his tried and true methods, Neculai focuses on practical and experimented techniques to help businesses boost their sales, his assistance helping them move towards their goals and educating them on the direction they should take. As of lately, these techniques have translated well into the digital marketing sector, where Neculai has been focusing most of his efforts as a result of the pandemic. 

Neculai breaks marketing down into easily understandable bits of information that marketing experts of any level can apply to their business goals. His expertise has been recognized by many, evidenced by the audiences that flock to hear the motivational speeches he is invited to give throughout the globe. Within his valuable advice, Neculai emphasizes the importance of social media as a marketing tool and a means of increasing brand awareness. In Neculai’s eyes, social media is a key component to any marketing strategy, and businesses should be capitalizing on this opportunity.

Within his career, Neculai continues to be a notable industry leader, which can be attributed to his adaptability and continual desire to learn. Even though he has risen as a notable figure with expert advice to pass on to others, Neculai continues to embrace educational opportunities and experiment with new processes. 

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Improving Your Business’s Social Media Content

In today’s day and age, the majority of consumers are active in the online world. In fact, digital marketing accounts for most sales for businesses, many of which take place over social media. In this competitive landscape, Neculai Gigi Catalin recognizes that it is crucial that your company’s social media content is serving great potential. If you want to work on improving your business’s social media content to drive better sales, continue reading for some valuable tips.

Capitalize on Video Potential

Social platforms are rewarding accounts for using video features. Through using aspects like Instagram Reels or being more intentional with creating video content, your account will most likely be rewarded by having your content shown to more people or being ranked higher in the algorithm. With the potential that this has to showcase your feed to a larger audience, your business could greatly benefit from posting more videos to its pages. But don’t just post a video to post a video. Within this objective, you must also make sure the filming quality is good, that it adds value to your audience, and has a clear message. For instance, an airline could post a short video with a catchy song and point out the best days to find cheap airfare. This gives something of value to their audience and will most likely increase their engagement rates.

Incorporate Your Audience

Customers love to see when a company is intentional about engaging with its followers. In most, if not all instances, you will be rewarded with an increase in follower engagement and higher sales. Every business has unique content that they want to put forward, but you can incorporate your audience into your content by reposting user-generated content, hosting giveaways and more. The whole point of social media is to be social with one another, which gives businesses the unique opportunity to involve their followers with their products or services and host exciting initiatives through social platforms. This is a great way to differentiate your content and ensure you are posting things your audience will want to engage with.

Include a Call to Action

At the end of the day, you want your posts to actually generate interest in your company and make you some money. Your business’s social media posts should each have a call to action that makes people excited about purchasing from you. This doesn’t mean that you have to outright say, “Buy our product,” on each post. There are more subtle ways to do so without sounding so sales-like. A call to action can look like asking your followers to comment on their favorite memory made at your company or asking your followers to tune into your live stream to hear a new announcement. Having a call to action will help you achieve what you want at the end of the day while also promoting engagement.

Neculai Gigi Catalin
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