Navy Lanier is a proud resident of Atlanta and a passionate activist, believer, and entrepreneur. His influential work ethic and resourcefulness have led him along the way throughout his entire life. Navy is a dedicated partner, businessman, father, visionary, philanthropist, and author to friends and associates.

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After high school, Navy made the wise decision to join the military to help pay for his college tuition. He also learned valuable life skills along the way such as self-discipline and time management. While in school, as he was pursuing a degree in finance, Navy was given an opportunity to join a financial advisory firm and he chose to pursue it. His years with the firm opened up his network to many valuable Fortune 500 contacts and taught him invaluable financial advisement skills. 

His first entrepreneurial undertaking was the creation of Lanier Communications. After seeing the need for a telecommunications agency specializing in long-distance phone service, he came up with the idea. Within a few years of founding the company, Navy Lanier had quickly grown it into a multi-million dollar business. He sold it for an impressive profit and his interest in entrepreneurship grew stronger.  

After building and selling numerous companies for profit, Navy Lanier realized he had created his own winning formula for success. His proudest achievement is Mobile Fuel, an idea based on a gas station robbery he was victim to. After researching the issue, Navy soon realized that carjackings and muggings at gas stations were a common occurrence. The local police force was not staffed enough to protect every citizen. He soon came up with a solution that would help people stay safe while also saving time and money. What began with a single truck has now grown into an operation with more than 1,400 employees and 100,000 customers in 18 cities. 

Outside of work, Navy Lanier is a dedicated philanthropist and community leader. He is a board member for the Urban Symphony Orchestra as well as Urban Conservatives. Navy Lanier is also a board member of the Buggs Rural Life Center, an African American research library and cultural center. 

Navy Lanier on How Every Southern Gentleman Should Be Leaders in Their Community

Navy Lanier is a committed social activist and philanthropist in Atlanta. He is especially passionate about the role a southern gentleman should play in his community. Navy believes that a proper southern gentleman owes it to his community to set a positive example for future generations because the south has always sought value in traditions. 

Navy believes that community is all about collaboration through mentorship and guidance. He does not believe any single person should take on problems single-handedly and try to fix things alone. The most important thing is to work together with the community to come together with a single, impassioned goal and facilitate solutions while also empowering others. A true leader provides vision and focus, while also acts as a positive influence.

One way that Navy Lanier thinks a southern gentleman can be a great community leader is by seeking out the individual strengths in every member. One example is seeking out the community’s organic hierarchy to balance out the needs of the group. Some people are content to dive into a task and being told what to do. Others are more comfortable in a leadership position. Skill sets are also different for everyone. Rather than trying to make a person fit the mold of an arbitrary task, a good leader sees what an individual personally excels at and then assigns the appropriate task to them. Not only does this help with their self-esteem, but it will benefit the entire community in the long run through efficiency and having the best person on the job. 

Community leaders also know that help doesn’t have to come in a monetary form. Volunteers don’t work for free because they are worthless. They do so because they are priceless. Navy Lanier advises community leaders never to turn down an offer by an eager volunteer. Not only will these people put their heart and soul into a project, but enthusiasm is contagious and they will inspire others to help as well.

The best way to inspire others is to let them see you pitching in right alongside them. The quickest way to earn others’ respect is by showing how hard you are willing to work for the same solutions. Also, when problems do arise, hold yourself accountable if you are at fault. You will be teaching a lesson that will help future leaders for a lifetime. 

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