Mike Matei is a producer, editor, actor, and video game celebrity based in the United States. Recognized for his involvement on James & Mike Mondays (2012), Board James (2009-2015), and the Angry Video Game Nerd, his accomplishments have driven him to endless success. 

Back in 2006, Mike started the Youtube channel for Cinnemassacre, an extremely popular video game review and skit channel with upwards of 2.9 million subscribers and growing.

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Mike has produced and been featured in a lot of original shows. There’s no denying Mike’s talent, which is a testament to his passion and thankfulness for the industry he finds himself in.

In addition to his Youtube fame, Mike Matei has become a prominent figure of Twitch and is a Twitch Partner. “I really enjoy live streaming for the instant feedback and interaction it allows.” (He has said on his streams) On Twitch, Mike live-streams his video game reviews, gameplay, and interacts with fans in real-time. Below you will find a list of the projects where Mike Matei has successfully played a role.

The Genesis

In 2006, Mike Matei created Cinemassacre’s Youtube channel. Undecided at the time, the title was originally titled “JamesNintendoNerd”, a tribute to his co-host and friend James Rolfe. The pair immediately got to work and have since built a channel and a brand with a massive cult following. Mike has had the chance to delve into his passion for acting as a result of the channel, having played many guest characters on the show. He’s also shown his hand as a designer, having illustrated the title cards that appear in the show’s intro (episodes 5-100, 139).

With over a decade of work underneath his belt in the Cinemassacre studios, Mike Matei decided to go into the world of live streaming. Mike started streaming on Twitch in 2016, something he sees as helping further revolutionize the interactive experience the online world can present to people across the globe. “Live streaming can allow you to connect with people who like your work in a way that is unlike anything else. You can take your work from Youtube and test it live or treat it almost like a meet and greet – it’s truly a special experience.”


Some of Mike’s work includes James & Mike Mondays, Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness, and Board James, to name just a few. The list goes on – and it’s something Mike is quite proud of. “In a sense, I guess it’s about building a legacy. When we started we were just kids, but now it’s our livelihood.”

With stats like 90k on Twitter, 2.9m subscribers on Youtube, and a passionate and dedicated Twitch following, you have to stop and take notice of his work.

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