Michael Troina is a marketing and data analytics expert based out of New York City, NY. His interest in the field started at a very early age when he became entranced with human psychology and online behavior, particularly in the realm of social media. Michael is also perpetually on a quest for improvement, both for himself and making the world a better place for others. He does this by demonstrating the leadership-by-example approach and staying up-to-date on the latest trends in gaming and digital marketing.

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Michael has always gravitated towards data and numbers, which is why he chose to pursue his higher education with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Queens College. While in school, Michael began pursuing algorithms and the way they manipulate social media. His innate talent led to a successful YouTube channel and gaming platform. In addition to his quest for knowledge about data and analytics, Michael Troina also became fascinated by the human component and the things that make people tick, specifically concerning consumer behavior. 

Michael Troina continued his education with a master’s degree in data analytics from the University of California, Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business. After graduation, he chose to remain on campus, working closely with his school to broaden his understanding of data and statistical analysis, market analysis, and research, predominantly within the gaming and technology industry. 

Michael became quickly proficient in Google Analytics due to his partnership with YouTube, which further explored the target audiences’ concept. For him, nothing is more fascinating than the fact that human beings put both psychological and data-driven reasons behind every decision they make online. Advertisers can use that knowledge to make or break a campaign, determining an entire company’s failure or success. 

As far as self-improvement goes, Michael Troina is also steadfast in the notion that a good leader always leads by example and validates everyone. The industry itself is irrelevant, what matters is how you collaborate and communicate with others. People who have been fortunate enough to work with him have noted his flexibility, quick-thinking, fairness, and ability to handle problems, both large and small. 

In his spare time, Michael Troina is a big fan of playing games with family and friends. One of the reasons he loves gaming is the constant innovation of the industry, and he appreciates the leaps in the quality of both graphics and sound over the last few years.

Michael Troina on Executing an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

In today’s world of online marketing, the choices seem almost endless. There are over 70 distinct social media sites to choose from to reach a target audience. While that may seem like a blessing, it’s also a major obstacle. Analysis paralysis is a genuine issue. Just like the way people can suffer from decision fatigue at the end of a day, the human mind can only make so many decisions, and a larger pool of choices doesn’t necessarily mean an advantage. 

Michael Troina, a digital marketing expert, understands the obstacles people face when trying to attempt their first foray into social media marketing. He understands that the most important thing is to make the most use of your time and to work smarter, not harder. The 80/20 rule of business, also known as The Pareto Principle states that roughly 80% of results come from 20% of the effort. In marketing, this means that 80% of sales will be generated by 20% of advertising campaigns. The trick is knowing the right approach to get the most bacon for your buck, work-wise.

The first step is getting the right message to the right audience. To find the most powerful channels in a sea of social media websites, several ranking systems are used to consult, many of which carry real-time data. While this may not be the perfect template for your specific scenario, it will show you what carries more weight in a web search and help you narrow down your choices.

When it comes time to develop a strategy, it’s essential to set realistic goals that accurately paint the image of what you see as successful. If your goal is to increase awareness about a global issue, that marketing campaign will take on a much different form than one looking to boost sales numbers. Some companies have the goal of building up enough followers to catch the eye of sponsors. 

Another thing that Michael Troina cautions about is appealing to your audience on a personal level. Today’s consumers want to support brands that they believe in and have a vision in line with their passions. When posting on social media, be sure to post interesting articles about the industry at large instead of just blatant self-promotion. 

In addition to content, it’s also important to be eye-catching. The average person spends about eight seconds before deciding whether a webpage is worth their time, so make sure you keep your posts brief. If you do attach a video, it should not be more than 30 seconds long.

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