Michael J Lauria is a telecommunications expert currently living in the Boston area of Massachusetts. He is the owner and operator of the Boston-based COMTEL, Inc., which he founded and incorporated in 1999. This company has grown quickly in the past decades and offers many telecommunications services including voice, data, fiber optics, and VoIP telephone services. COMTEL is known for its dependability and affordable solutions and works with a number of high-profile clients within their region, including a local school district.

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Michael was first introduced to the industry through an apprenticeship. He quickly took to the fast-paced environment and found fulfillment in being able to share his expertise concerning the often confusing field. Even at the very early stages of telecommunications as an industry, Michael saw that the ability to instantly communicate with others would be a big part of the future.

When Michael founded COMTEL, Inc. in 1999, he knew it would be difficult. He put his whole into the company and continues to be closely involved with the business’s decisions and development.  He thrives on the pressure of managing business and he has been a notable name in the industry thanks to his focus on technological solutions and innovation.

Outside of this business, Michael J. Lauria has found some success as a real estate agent as well. He was pushed towards the practice during his apprenticeship, and he found it a great experience. He finds a good deal of fulfillment from the opportunity to guide others to fitting homes, as well as in the ‘flipping’ industry. The latter is something he finds a creative pursuit as much as an investment opportunity.

No matter what aspect of his life he is working in, Michael J. Lauria believes in approaching situations and individuals with respect and integrity. He has found inspiration in God,  seeking to guide and help others with sincerity.

Michael Lauria Gives 3 Simple Tips for Protecting Your VoIP System From Hackers

Voice Over Internet Protocol technology has very quickly grown in the past few years, thanks to the mobility, scalability, and general efficiency of the systems. Thanks to the nature of the internet, it allows businesses of all sizes to have a very easy connection and collaboration between employees, associates, and customers.

However, VoIP is an internet-based technology and as such, it is vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks. VoIP, by and large, is a reliable communication solution, but there are still certain precautions to be taken to prevent breaches – these could result in compromised customer or business data, or even extortion or fraud.

Read on for some of the best tips for keeping your VoIP safe from hackers.

  1. Apply Operating System Updates Often – Hackers are constantly finding new exploits that allow them to invade systems. Maintaining an up-to-date OS helps cover any weaknesses that the developers have been made aware of.
  2. Make Sure Your Passwords Are Strong – Every cybersecurity expert will talk at length about the importance of a strong password and for good reason. A simple password using words found in a dictionary may be easy to remember, but it’s far easier to hack as well. Use a password that is: 12 characters minimum, includes a variety of characters and symbols, doesn’t use dictionary words.
  3. Disable International Calling – International calls are prohibitively expensive, and often used by hackers to support fraudulent hacking operations. If your business does not need International calls, disable the option entirely. If you do need to make international calls via VoIP, then regularly monitor phone records for any unusual activity.

These are the 3 most important ways to protect your VoIP system from hacking, and just adhering well to these could reduce your risk dramatically. For complete protection, you should regularly check your records to ensure that there is no suspicious activity on your account. VoIP is one of the most reliable communications solutions, but it’s not infallible – always make sure your security is as strong as possible.

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