Michael Candelario is a dedicated entrepreneur based in Phoenix, Arizona. His most recent endeavor is not only being the Founder, but also the Chief Executive Officer of Original Goods, a popular cannabis company that has holdings across eight states. When you ask the people in his network about Michael, you’ll most likely hear that he is an incredible problem solver, with unique and creative ideas to troubleshoot problems. 

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Michael Candelario is never one to back down from a challenge and is always willing to learn new things that can further his career. One of his main inspirations is the famous inventor, Albert Einstein, whose ideology is that “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” Michael uses this line of thinking in his business practices every day, by understanding the issue, thinking through possible solutions, carrying out a plan, and then following up to see whether the solution could be more effective if done a different way. 

With two decades of experience in business, Michael Candelario is a seasoned entrepreneur. He’s excelled in a number of different industries, such as the healthcare industry, the cannabis industry, the alcohol industry, and even has a special interest in real estate that he’s excelled in. Michael has been in the real estate industry for the last twenty two years and has sold over 1,500 properties. 

A Florida native, Michael Candelario spent a good portion of his childhood moving all across the East Coast of the United States with his family as a military brat. Michael is the oldest brother out of five and has always understood and thrived when he had the opportunity to be someone that others can look up to. He always works to become the best version of himself that he can possibly be, and always is a good role model for the younger generation as well as the people around him. He constantly lifts others up, giving them the opportunities to reach their full potential. 

When asked about how to describe himself, Michael Candelario says that he’s an eager student, always looking to learn new things from experiences that he may have and projects that he’s working on. For his posteducational degrees, Michael studied real estate development, finance, and entrepreneurship, graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Virginia Military Institute. He then enlisted in the US Marine Corps, and put himself on the front line for five years to serve his nation. Michael was first in his graduating Marine class of 380 from Parris Island Boot Camp, and was even named the Honor Graduate. When not working, Michael is a Green Bay Packer fan, a lover of national parks, a coffee expert, and most importantly, a family man.

Michael Candelario on How to Network as an Entrepreneur

As an expert entrepreneur, Michael Candelario knows that networking is a matter of strategy and great skill required to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship needs an understanding of the market dynamics to identify what it needs. Networking is a crucial skill that you need to possess to be successful. Discover Michael Candelario’s advice on how to network as an entrepreneur in this article.

Connecting with New Communities

Building a network will require the entrepreneur to interact with new communities. Some way to actualize this is by using social media as a networking tool. It is easy to identify people or groups with similar interests. This might be based on the kind of industry you serve, age, sex, and demographics. Being open-minded over the internet can help build a network.

Strategic Preparation

Entrepreneurs need to be strategic in their planning while meeting new people. They have to know what to expect from their new prospects. Clients want to know more about these entrepreneurs and what they’re dealing with. In this regard, entrepreneurs need to have detailed business cards about them. This will save them time in the field.

Understanding Your Area

Taking time to understand an area can result in lots of opportunities. Entrepreneurs should start by focusing on their local areas to build relationships. Local suppliers and distributors are likely to give very useful information. This might lower the entrepreneurs’ cost of production. The entrepreneur can also grow through referrals from their local communities.

Attending Events

Entrepreneurs need to target places or forums with potential clients. Attending events of similar nature as their businesses is a good idea. Attending in person or via videoconferencing will help expand the entrepreneur’s networks.

Networking Everywhere

Building a reputation everywhere helps grow organic connections. The entrepreneur should always engage people everywhere, whether on duty or off duty. This will bring more opportunities to their doorstep.

Maintaining Relationships

One of the biggest hacks in entrepreneurship is maintaining relationships. Social media platforms such as emails, LinkedIn, and Instagram are essential. However, entrepreneurs should always remain professional while communicating with their clients.

Seeking Mentorship on Relationships

To maintain relationships, entrepreneurs should seek guidance from the appropriate mentors. These mentors can be those who’ve been in the industry long enough. Also, giving back to society by offering the same will create a good image for the entrepreneur.

Networking is a key principle of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses through building and maintaining relationships. They should thus be strategic in their networking plans, as discussed above.

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