Matthew Schenk is an educator based in Arizona who enjoys traveling and exploring new places. He also advocates for educators and students in different countries. He often gets to work with local leaders and schools in different regions to improve educational outcomes.

As a consultant for Radiant Learning, Matthew works with schools in the US, China, and Canada. He also works with schools that are seeking accreditation. Some of the institutions that he works with include K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and language immersion schools.

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Matthew graduated from Grand Canyon University with a BS in Education. After that, he pursued his Master’s degree at Northern Arizona University. He then went to Arizona State University to get his Doctor of Education in Leadership and Administration.

He has extensive experience working in the K-12 sector. Most of his work experience is in the field of school administration. He was the school administrator for the Cave Creek Unified School District. He was also an assistant principal and teacher.

As the school administrator, Matthew was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the school. He also developed academic programs and hired and trained staff members. He frequently traveled to various countries, such as Mexico and China.

From 2017 to 2019, Matthew worked as an academic associate at Arizona State University. These individuals are part-time employees who help with the administration and delivery of academic courses. During his time at the university, Dr. Schenk taught various types of courses, such as masters and undergraduate studies.

According to Matthew, the best way to improve the quality of education is by hiring experienced teachers who are committed to their students and are also passionate about their profession. He believes that teachers should be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach the best possible lessons to today’s students.Stay updated with Matthew’s latest posts on his Twitter and LinkedIn!

Matthew Schenk Discusses Different Leadership Styles for Management

It is important to choose the leadership style that resonates with you and is most effective in your company. There are different styles that you need to be aware of so that you can evaluate your company and your team and determine what will lead to the best results. Leadership style is the way you think and behave, your method of communicating, and the strength and values you bring to the table. It impacts how you approach situations and what you do best. Knowing your style will help you become a more effective leader. 

Coaching Style

This style of leadership focuses on looking at each team member and using strategies that encourage people to use their strengths in their collaboration roles. You need to provide feedback to team members and listen to them to determine where their strengths lie, and it leads to the growth of the team and success. It works well on specific projects when you want everyone to bring their best skills to the table. 

Visionary Leaders

This type of leader often looks ahead and plans where the team is going. They are positive and have good relationships with team members, and they strive to empower them and help them grow their confidence. These leaders are inspirational, and they do well with problem-solving, innovation, and brainstorming. 

Servant Leadership

The servant leader will focus on boosting morale and helping teams develop strong collaboration. They are well-liked and put the employees first in their work. Employees feel valued and respected, and they work harder and are more productive. These leaders work well when morale needs to be boosted and in times when the future is uncertain. 

Autocratic Leadership Style

This leadership style is not normally effective, but there are times when it is important. This type of leader can make decisions quickly because they do not rely on any input. They are completely focused on results and efficiency, and they expect people to do what they are told. It does work in situations where compliance is critical or when there are tight deadlines that must be met. 

Laissez-Faire Leaders

This type of leader is hands-off, and they let team members have the freedom to do things how they think is best. They trust teams to do their best work, and they empower them. This style works well when there is a project that doesn’t need a lot of oversight, and it relies on strong team relationships. It can be effective in the right circumstances.

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