Marty Lancton is a skilled and dedicated professional who has been working as a State Certified Firefighter in Texas since 2000. Currently living in Houston, Marty has honed his talents over the years by being a business owner, board member, partner, Union President, and Vice President of several different organizations.

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Currently, Marty Lancton is the President of the Houston Professional Fire Fighter’s Association, the third-largest organization in the country. He has also served as the Chairman of the Houston Professional Fire Fighter’s Association Charitable Foundation’s Executive Board since 2015.

Marty Lancton has been working as a licensed paramedic and emergency medical technician throughout his career. He has also been a Texas Department of State Health Services Licensed Paramedic for almost 20 years and a Department of Justice COBRA Training WMD Haz-Mat Technician. He holds various certifications, such as those related to fire protection.

Marty Lancton has been serving as the Vice President of the Executive Board of Directors for the Texas State Association of Firefighters for the past five years. He has also served on the Executive Board of Directors for the Texas AFL-CIO since 2018. Not only that, but Marty is also a Senior Fellow with both the United States Executive Committee and British American Project and a Senior Fellow for the American Leadership Forum.

When he’s not working, another thing that Marty Lancton is incredibly passionate about is giving back to the communities he lives in through the Houston Professional Firefighters Association’s charitable foundation. This organization provides financial assistance to firefighters who are struggling with the expenses of their medical bills and provides winter jackets to children in the local community.

One of Marty Lancton’s most important beliefs is that everyone should give more than they take. He believes in the motto “Men for Others,” meaning that it is important to be loyal to one another and to speak truth to power. He is also a passionate believer in the importance of unity and has been involved in various charitable organizations in Houston. For instance, he founded the Red Hot Gala, a fundraising event for the charitable foundation that grew from the basics to almost 2 million dollars in less than five years.

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Marty Lancton on Taking Feedback as a Leader

Taking feedback as a leader is one of the most important skills you can develop. I know it’s not easy, but asking for feedback and changing your leadership style is essential to improving yourself and bringing results to your team, company, or organization.

Benefits Of Taking Feedback

Develop confidence in yourself and the work objectives

Dependability is the key to effectiveness and the result of effective leadership. Taking feedback can help you gain more of it from total employees by clearly identifying where they need improvement and their areas for improvement. You then have the opportunity to develop a plan of action and help them reach their full potential.

Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses

Your team relies heavily on your leadership skills, so you must take advantage of this opportunity. Use your feedback to identify your office’s strengths and areas where improvement could be made. You can quickly build upon positive aspects and eliminate negative influences, resulting in a cohesive company culture with strong work ethics and high production values.

Building trust and a more positive work environment

Trust is the key to effective relationships, and employee loyalty is crucial to developing high productivity. By taking feedback, you can build a stronger team bond and create an environment that leads to higher production levels. Take the concise suggestions provided in the feedback about your performance, review them for weaknesses, and then develop a plan of action with your employees.

The Challenge Of Taking Feedback

Making an effort to schedule a meeting and ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is not as easy as it may seem, especially if you’re in a leadership position and have high expectations from your team. However, by meeting with each team member and soliciting their opinion, you can gain insight into their views and develop their skills so that they may contribute to your high productivity levels.

Not being overwhelmed by comments

Some employees will exaggerate or criticize their performance to get you to change your mind. However, by taking their feedback with a grain of salt and taking action together with them, your leadership skills can grow in many ways.

Not being distracted by criticism

When employees criticize you or suggest that you’re doing something wrong, it’s essential to listen carefully and ask what they mean by that statement. If you don’t understand the problem they’re addressing, seek clarification and make appropriate changes.

Taking feedback takes courage, but you must do so to ensure your office’s productivity and morale which will help you maintain high standards in your business. Those who take feedback as a challenge will benefit and reap the rewards of high-quality work and abundant creativity.

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