Marc Hochstein is the managing editor at CoinDesk which is a startup that shares news, prices, analysis, and guides on everything related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Marc has helped the site grow and evolve as the crypto space rapidly changes.

Marc Hochstein

Marc Hochstein has over two decades of experience covering business and finance. Previously he spent time at American Banker as their editor-in-chief. Some of the work he did at that publication that really excited him was early coverage of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry. This led to his interest in the space and eventually to his role now at CoinDesk.

His current work involves sharing information on the latest price fluctuations (which are quite common in the crypto space), event news, data and research that is announced, and many more. The topic of blockchain is something that Marc Hochstein will likely be writing about for a while as well. The technology is poised to make a massive splash and has very interesting potential applications that can be used in various industries. These fast changes make it exciting to be involved with, and you can tell Marc is passionate about what he does.

Before Marc jumped into the bitcoin and crypto space he was covering more standard topics of finance. He got his start with mortgages and grew from there. This led to things like community banking and consumer finance which opened up the number of potential stories for him to cover significantly.

In addition to his formal duties at American Banker, Marc Hochstein also ran an opinion blog, a separate finance newsletter, and a publication solely dedicated to mortgages. You might think that these topics might be a little dry at first glance, but the implications from shifts in these spaces can massively impact millions of people in a heartbeat. This sort of thing is what makes these topics so interesting once you get invested in them. Marc seems to take his responsibilities very seriously when it comes to educating others via the publications he works for.

This broad understanding of finance has served Marc well when it comes to cryptocurrency. The reason for this is that in such an undefined landscape with so many possibilities, experience from the past can help foresee the future. Marc Hochstein’s experience with so many different aspects of finance and how they react to various events in the market gives him a fantastic foundation. He uses this daily with his work at CoinDesk to determine what stories might be interesting, how to find an angle, and establish connections in the industry.

Marc Hochstein is very active on Twitter and tweets on the topics of bitcoin, finance, and world news. You can find his profile here.

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