Kelly Hyman

Kelly Hyman is an attorney and legal analyst. She has also made multiple appearances as a Democratic Strategist on different news panels, sharing her professional insights as an attorney. She appears regularly on different news programs to share up to date information and opinions on hot topics in the current media cycle. 

Kelly Hyman is a member of the team at Franklin D. Azar & Associates in Denver, CO. She focuses her practice specifically on consumer class action lawsuits and mass tort litigation. She is a member of the American Association for Justice and is a member of the Florida Bar, the Colorado bar, the Washington D.C. Bar, the Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, and the Colorado chapter of the Federal Bar Association.

Kelly Hyman has achieved many awards throughout her career, most recently including the AV Preeminent® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, the highest rating possible from the program, further proving her outstanding legal abilities and ethical standards. Kelly first achieved this rating in 2016 and has been able to uphold it ever since through hard work and dedication to her career.

Previously, Kelly Hyman worked as a successful actress for 25 years in New York and California. She appeared in various television shows, movies, off-Broadway plays, and commercials, and still has a fierce love for the entertainment industry today.

Our Interview With Kelly Hyman

What’s the most important thing we should know about you?

Kelly Hyman: I want to make a difference in the world and make this world a better place for future generations. 

Name the most impactful lesson you learned from failure.

Kelly Hyman: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.  If you fail, never give up!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Kelly Hyman: There are a lot of accomplishments that I am truly proud of but one of my all-time favorites is being accepted to UCLA. When I was 12 years old, I pretended that I was a UCLA math student. While I did not attend UCLA as a math student, I was very lucky to attend. I remember meeting with my counselor and she asked me where I wanted to go to college, and I said, ”UCLA”. Then she asked me, “What is your back up plan?” and I told her I didn’t have one. I believed that I was going to get accepted.

What did you waste the most time on when you were first starting your career?

Kelly Hyman: My mother instilled in me a hard work ethic when I was a young girl starting out in the world of acting. When I made the transition into becoming a lawyer after finishing school, my top priority was trying to figure out how to do things in the most efficient and timely manner as possible to ultimately streamline all processes. It definitely took some time initially to get into the swing of things, I highly recommend it to anyone starting in a new career to save time in the long run.

Name a tool you use for work that you can’t live without.

Kelly Hyman: I would definitely say my cell phone, and the technology happening inside. I receive so many emails per day, and it allows me to remain connected to the world and what is happening, even when I’m out of town. As a Democratic legal analyst, it’s important that I stay up to date on everything happening in the world, especially today’s politically charged climate.

What is your favorite hobby and why?

Kelly Hyman: My favorite hobby is traveling and seeing the world. My mother was a native of Australia and taught me how important it is to visit other countries and learn about different cultures to expand our views and perspectives. I have been so lucky to have been to all seven continents and enjoy traveling the world and learning. Places I have traveled include Antarctica, Australia, Africa, Belize, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Paris, Scotland and South America. 

What excites you the most about your industry right now?

Kelly Hyman: Technology is beginning to truly shape the world for legal professionals, especially when it comes to social media. Before, people relied heavily on print news and local cable news programs for the majority of their information. Recently, we have seen a huge shift of people who are now getting the majority of their information from Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Now, it’s time for lawyers and attorneys to adapt to the alternative platforms in order to reach a further audience and educate people about their rights.

What concerns you most about your industry right now?

Kelly Hyman: Part of the reason why I chose law is because I have this internal need to fight for justice. Lately, that has included my work in the courtroom, my news appearances, and my work for female empowerment, specifically in the legal world. Women are still not receiving equal pay for the work that they do. As I mentioned in my Forbes piece and a lot of my recent blogs, it is time for a permanent change. 

What’s the greatest risk you’ve ever taken?

Kelly Hyman: One of the risks thing that I have done was to move to West Palm Beach to be with my boyfriend, now husband, Paul Hyman Jr., without a job and just trusting my intuition that the situation would work out. 

Name one small habit that positively impacts your productivity.

Kelly Hyman: Focus is crucial! One thing I strive to do is limit interruptions and outside distractions when I’m in my work environment. Time-management and efficiency are absolute necessities in my field, and eliminating distractions in order to reach the level of focus needed is the key to success.

What tips do you have for getting a seat at the table?

Kelly Hyman: Believe in yourself, trust your instincts and your voice, and know that you deserve a seat at the table. 

What book has made the biggest impact on your life?

Kelly Hyman: There are so many books that have had an impact on my life.  One of my favorites is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Do you value intelligence or common sense? Why?

Kelly Hyman: I believe intelligence is very important because it allows you to utilize and retain information in your career. Common sense helps you in the other areas of your life and helps you understand interpersonal interactions. That being said, I would have to say I value them both equally, as you need both to navigate through this life. 

What would you consider to be the perfect day?

Kelly Hyman: The perfect day would be spent in the courtroom fighting for my clients and then having a date night with my husband, Paul Hyman, Jr.