For over 25 years, Jerel Benjamin has led as one of the top International Consulting businesses. With years of experience forming his own companies and making them successful, while also having a natural ability to uplift and inspire others by being able to identify and correct internal inefficiencies within other companies. Jerel has also been able to inspire others through speaking at CEO Leadership Summits. Since 1994 Jerel has opened nine corporations. With his experience, Jerel knows what it takes to start a company from the ground up and make it hugely profitable. 


With a major in English and a Communications minor from the University of Wisconsin, it became clear that Jerel was both a social influencer and a motivational speaker, while also having the confidence to take risks. 

The President and CEO of WCI, an international tile and remodeling company, Jerel grew profits and successfully led his team for over a decade. In 2008 Jerel joined the company Chet Holmes International in 2008 as an Elite Business mastery coach. There, he found that he could expand his talents by coaching other CEOs and leaders internationally. Jerel also spent many years consulting with companies such as Source Coaching, Forbes Councils, YEC, and Predictable Profits. 

Today, Jerel founded and became the CEO of the company ProfitGOLD, a seminar-based company that focuses on leadership and business mastery around the world. When his company combined with Profit Gold, it was a transition for Jerel, who was able to blend both organizations seamlessly. The firm provided leadership training, long-term sustainability goals, which include SOP and KPI documentation. 

Along with being widely successful in his career, Jerel is a significant advocate for domestic violence, human rights, and underprivileged nations. In 2006 Jerel became aware of Africa Renewal Ministries in 2006 and felt the calling to be a part of an organization that made a difference. Jerel desired to see a change in the world. The organization has made it their mission to help those in impoverished companies that reside in Uganda. With the dedication of their volunteers, donors, and supporters, they have been able to provide access for children to resources such as education, medicine, and leadership training. 

Another organization that has been a massive part of Jerel’s life has been Hope’s Door. Founded in 1989, this organization’s mission of Hope’s Door/New Beginning center helps to over both prevention and intervention services to families and individuals that are being affected by domestic violence. This program also helps to provide educational programs that are designed to enhance the communities to be able to respond to domestic violence. 

Jerel continues to make impressive strides with both his company and helping others around the world. Jerel continues to thrive after the merger and keeps pressing forward to establish new career goals and opportunities. 

Jerel Benjamin on Why You Should Hire a Business Consultant

Starting a business on your own can seem like a terrifying feat you may do in your life, but the reward of being your own boss and setting your path can often outweigh that fear. So why should you hire a business consultant? The answer is simple; you can’t always give yourself the advice you need when starting. Hiring a business consultant is the best way to leverage their knowledge to help you build and grow your business. 

What does a business consultant do?

A business consultant is an outside expert that you can hire to help give you internal help when it comes to solving a problem with your business. They have specialized knowledge to help you deal with upcoming issues you may face starting your new business. Some consultants are on their own, or others may bring in a team to help you address different things that may need improvement. 

Unlike one of your employees, a business consultant is an entirely different entity that has their schedule and may have numerous different clients that they are working with. Often business consultants are hired on a contracted or by project basis. Depending on what type of business consultant you bring on (solo or team-based), the consultants that work in a team will often bring along two analysts and a manager to help you figure out the best steps for your new business. 

The expertise of a consultant can be in many different areas of business, and often business owners will help hire them to help in several different areas such as: 

  • Strategy 
  • Operations
  • Financial advice
  • Risk analysis 
  • Human resources

Different forms of consulting

There are a few different kinds of consulting methods that you may want to approach: 

Pre-consulting: This is before you get started with your business. During this step, your consultant can help you determine your terms, parameters, and agreement with consulting. 

Consulting Period: This is when you get into the meat of what the consultant does. A consultant can research, discover, and create a presentation for the recommendations that will help you create your business and solve the problems you may be facing. 

Post Consulting: During this time, you and your consultant can determine if you would like to extend your contract or continue your course. 

Knowing when to hire

It’s critical to know when you should bring in an outside consultant. However, if you hire a consultant at the right time for your business, it can help your investment. It can help in return with significant benefits for your business, reputation help, and outside growth. 

If you are looking to create a Facebook marketing campaign or some other social media campaign, this could be an excellent reason to hire an outside consultant to help teach you the ropes and get you up to speed properly. 

Often, business owners fail to be able to examine their operations critically. It is helpful for an outside party to be able to take a look to diagnose the health of their business. A consultant can be great to help you figure out what kind of client outreach will best help you attract new customers or potential clients. A consultant can help you determine things like deciding where you want to put your call of action, and what kind of marketing can best serve your business. 

Summing it up 

A business consultant is a great option to bring in when you lack the in-house perspective and expertise that you need to help audit and restructure their business infrastructure. They are the outside objective eyes that can look into your business to help you diagnose and solve the issues that could potentially cause a lot of problems down the line for your small business. When looking for a consultant, you do the proper research to find a consultant that has had good results and plenty of experience in the field. But also enjoy your new and exciting new endeavor.

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