Jack Mondel has always been a savvy entrepreneur and a successful businessman. Jack is currently the Co-Founder, Corporate Board Director, and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for Miami International Technologies (MIH), the parent company of several subsidiaries, including Miami International Technology and the MIAX Exchange Group, which includes MIAX Options, MIAX Pearl, and MIAX Emerald.

Jack Mondel

Jack Mondel, as MIH’s Corporate Development Officer, works directly with the company’s Chairman and CEO on issues such as business strategy, branding, and general corporate affairs. But he has a more significant role to play. Jack Mondel is not only one of the founders of MIH and its subsidiaries, but he has also assisted the firm in getting funding for its development and expansion since its start 14 years ago.

Jack finished his undergraduate studies at Rider University in Trenton, New Jersey, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Jack was lured to the world of finance as soon as he graduated from college, and he began learning the ins and outs of the stock exchange right away. This has been a lifelong interest for Jack, and his ultimate goal is to build a stock exchange that is among the best in the world. He considers himself lucky to have met similarly skilled financial partners who share his commitment to this aim.

Jack Mondel has worked in a variety of sectors over the last 35 years, including corporate finance, mortgage banking, car financing, real estate, and insurance. Jack Mondel is a horse lover who likes breeding and selling racehorses in addition to being a successful CEO. For 35 years, Jack was a thoroughbred horse breeder and merchant. He worked with 67 horses during that period, one of which was chosen to participate in the Kentucky Derby. Jack also honorably served six years in the United States Army Reserve.

Jack, who currently resides in Miami, Florida, likes taking advantage of the pleasant weather all year by partaking in outdoor activities with his family, such as fishing, swimming, and sailing. Jack also makes the most of his free time by volunteering in his community and supporting a number of local organizations.

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Jack Mondel on Entrepreneurial Burnout

Every professional is bound to experience burnout at some point in their career, especially when you’re responsible for a great number of tasks or departments. As it stands, business leaders are often the most prone to experience what is referred to as entrepreneurial burnout.

What is Entrepreneurial Burnout?

Entrepreneurial burnout occurs when a business leader becomes overwhelmed by their work duties to the point where they cannot function properly. Stress is a normal emotion to be felt throughout your career, but not so much where it begins affecting your everyday life and ability to get routine tasks done. There is such a thing as chronic stress, which is highly associated with burnout. This type of stress results in many physical and mental challenges and overall exhaustion, typically where burnout picks up where stress is left off.

While some individuals follow the same pattern towards burnout, others can approach it through any number of the typical signs. While experiencing entrepreneurial burnout, individuals will typically show a few of the following symptoms: inability to quit working, neglecting personal needs and community, irritability, feeling empty, depression, and a decline in physical health.

By trying to spot the signs mentioned above early on, you can possibly avoid some of the detrimental effects that entrepreneurial burnout can have on your life as a whole. You’ll have a lot of pressure on yourself as a business leader, and this burnout can seem unavoidable at times, but many have gone on to prove that it is avoidable if correct measures are put into place.

How Can You Approach Entrepreneurial Burnout?

Whether you find yourself in burnout right now or simply wanting to avoid it in the future, the fact of the matter is that it is essential to know how to recover from such a fate. It is first crucial that you are able to recognize the warning signs or realize that you have already reached burnout. Acceptance is the first step to being able to move forward.

Even though your business may not be able to take a day off, it is of utmost importance that you put time into your wellbeing. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others if you need a day off or seek a therapist if your mental health has taken a hit. Many entrepreneurs tend to be over workers. While it is honorable to put this effort into your work, it is also essential to know when to take a step back to prioritize your health.

Jack Mondel
Job Title
Co-Founder, Corporate Board Director, and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development
Miami International Technologies