Jack Elkins is a second-generation, Florida-based luxury real estate agent with years of expertise in his field. Based in Manalapan, FL, he has always been interested in the real estate business and has a keen sense of what potential homebuyers will look for in a property. He grew up learning the ins and outs of the industry and uses those skills to better understand his clients’ wants and needs in addition to the draw of the area. 

Jack Elkins

Jack Elkins is a dedicated individual who guides his clients through purchasing oceanfront properties and primarily operates in the following areas: Manalapan, Palm Beach, Point Manalapan, Hypoluxo Island, Gulf Stream, Delray Beach, and Jupiter. Growing up in the area gives him an innate and in-depth understanding of the local markets, making him the obvious choice when it comes to hiring a real estate agent in the Flordia area.

Both Jack Elkins and his team are dedicated to providing a high-quality customer experience to each of their clients. His clientele is both those in his area of operation and those who travel far to work with him, coming from all walks of life. One of his most prized memories from his career is when he represented actor Kevin James in buying a $14 million mansion back in early 2021. Representing such a high-profile and prominent figure throughout the home buying process was a huge accomplishment for Jack; he has worked tirelessly and diligently since starting his career to become the number one producer in South Florida. His previous clients can attest to his knowledge and outstanding services.

One of the reasons Jack Elkins is such a fierce competitor in the real estate industry is his intentionality. He understands how much of an emotional rollercoaster the home buying process can be and ensures that he remains a valuable resource to his clients who provides them service that goes above and beyond expectations. He partners with a local marketing agency to ensure that his selling clients’ homes are represented as superior to their competitors; buying clients can rest assured that Jack will work with their schedule and give them everything they need to know about the area they wish to buy in. His insider knowledge and network allow Jack to know when his clients’ dream home hits the market and, later, assist them in adjusting to the new area.

Between his outstanding services, his successful real estate career, and being a local to the area he operates out of, Jack Elkins works diligently to take his services to the next level and strives for excellence in each aspect of his professional career. He is thankful to share his passion for real estate (and his personal hobbies, like snorkeling) with his team and his clients, wanting everyone to feel right at home thanks to his work and professionalism.

Jack Elkins on 2021’s Most Prominent Fall Decorating Trends

One of the most anticipated aspects of fall is all of the decorating changes that come with it. As homeowners switch out freshly cut flowers for pumpkins and citrus-scented candles for apple-scented ones, new decorating trends continue to gain popularity in many homes. If you want to refresh your apartment or house to complement the new season, you might want to consider implementing some of the following prominent fall decorating trends of 2021.

Textured Fabrics

Fall is known for being one of the coziest times of the year, emphasizing the need for chunky blankets and warm tones. Not only can these items add comfort to your space, but they can also allow you to play around with different textured fabrics, adding diversity to your decorating. As you work towards refreshing your space, keep an eye out for chunky blankets, velvet pillows, and faux fur rugs. Adding a variety of textures to your room will give it an upscale look while not wrecking your budget. These items will also likely give you a new space to curl up in to read a book with a mug of freshly brewed coffee.

Earthy Colors

When some people think of fall decorating, their imagination takes them to images of harsh orange colors contrasting with a stark black. While this might be the scheme of tacky decorations found in Halloween stores, it is not a popular interior decorating theme by any means. In 2021 and beyond, fall is now the time of year to emphasize earthy tones that can be used as neutrals. Think of a wood-like brown, sage green, and muted yellows. By highlighting these colors, you will add an autumn feel to your home while not going overboard with harsh colors that do complement the rest of your interior.


With people having more free time on their hands as a result of the pandemic, it seems as if almost everyone has picked up a hobby in macrame. Individuals have experimented with macrame in a number of ways, and they have quickly become a prominent decoration in many people’s homes. Consumers can now find macrame plant hangers, coasters, pumpkin covers, wine bottle holders, and much more. All this experimentation with macrame gives decorators multiple uses for the craft, and its texture gives a cozy vibe to any space, thanks to its Bohemian look, which is perfect for fall. It doesn’t take an expert to see that this design trend is taking over this season, and it will likely continue to rise in popularity for the next few years.

Jack Elkins
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Luxury Real Estate Professional