Issac Qureshi

Few people embody leadership with quite the same fervor and Issac Qureshi has throughout his career. Living in Manchester, UK, he has built an impressive career for himself over the past two decades. Currently, Issac is working as Director of Client Services at Ogilvy & Haart.

As a professional who is highly regarded for the contributions that he has made within the financial services industry, he works with various clients and organizations alike across Australia, Europe, and the United States of America.

With experience in taxation and finance, Issac is a strategic thinker who uses his vast arsenal of skills to help his clients protect their business, assets, and wealth. Issac utilizes his knowledge of business development and deal-making to provide insightful and informative strategic advisory services.

What led you to become a tax and financial specialist? 

I’ve always had a keen interest in finance! I understood that there was a way to utilize law as a means to increase wealth. Once I had a better understanding of what being a tax and financial specialist could do for me, I decided to study deeper into the topic. 

What is your favorite part of the job? 

I love having the ability to make a difference in my client’s lives, and help them increase their wealth through means that they were not aware of. I also love that I get to meet new people! 

I know that you are a tax and financial specialist, but you also own a successful FX Fund, can you tell me a little about that? 

I am able to provide further wealth opportunities for clients along with self-growth. I’ve been involved for four years and have partnered with people that I’ve worked with before. FX funds are able to provide returns to clients at up to 3% per month. It’s doing great and establishing itself in Dubai, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and the USA. 

Since you now own successful businesses and are knowledgeable in all your prospective fields, how have you been able to mentor others to get the positions that they want to be in life? 

I love what I do, and I would love to put other people on the same path as me. It’s important to give back to the next generation, even if it’s knowledge and not monetary. I mentor so that one day they can replace me, we call that a lesson on the ladder!