When Hugh B. Clarke was a teenager, he was exposed to the idea of criminal law and the concept of positive change after witnessing the riots in Detroit. The events that occurred in his city pushed him to finish high school and become a better person.After graduating from Oakland Community College in 1971, Hugh pursued his criminal justice degree at Wayne State University. He thought that he could make a positive impact in his community by becoming a part of the police force. However, due to the lack of funding, he decided to rethink his decision to become a law enforcer.

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After graduating from university, Hugh B. Clarke pursued a career in law. He enrolled in Thomas M. Cooley Law School, where he would change the way people think about criminal justice. Before he graduated, he worked on drafting the Michigan Probate Code and other amendments to the state’s criminal procedure.After graduating from law school in 1979, Mr. Clarke worked for the State Senate’s Associate General Counsel. This position is a prestigious position that shows his dedication to his studies. He then worked at the firm of Holland, Clarke, Foster, and Rosenbaum. Due to his skills, the firm’s name was changed to reflect his achievements.

After 10 years of working in the legal industry, Hugh B. Clarke decided to establish his own firm in 1989. During this time, he started providing legal services to prominent individuals such as rapper Tupac Shakur and football player Muhsin Muhammed.

Hugh B. Clarke started his legal career during the 2000s. He quickly rose through the ranks and became known for providing high-quality legal services to his clients. He was able to expand his business and serve the community by becoming a member of the city’s Board of Education in 2003.While he was still involved in various civic projects, Hugh also took on the role of leading the search committees for the new superintendent and other school administrators.For more information about Hugh B. Clarke check out his socials like his Twitter and Behance!

Skills That Help Entrepreneurs Be Successful

Getting into business is not for everyone. It’s a hard job, and most people need to have the necessary skills to succeed. Entrepreneurs are exceptional individuals, and they need to be able to adapt to their environment and manage their time effectively. This article will teach you some skills that will help you get started.

Public Speaking

An essential skill that an entrepreneur should have is public speaking. Although it’s not a skill that most people immediately need, it’s a great way to improve their skills and become more successful.

Although it’s a critical skill for any entrepreneur, it’s typically not a priority for most people in entrepreneurship due to how intimidating it can be. Getting up in front of people and discussing your ideas can be very challenging.

There are many ways that people can improve their public speaking skills over time. One of the most effective ways is attending conferences, where speakers will talk about their experiences. Also joining a group such as the one called Toastmasters International, which is dedicated to helping individuals improve their skills.


Another essential skill that an entrepreneur should have is effective writing. This can help them communicate their ideas to others and keep them organized. It can also help entrepreneurs keep track of their deadlines.

Aside from being able to put words on paper, writing is also about being able to communicate effectively in both professional and personal settings. Whether it’s an email response to a customer or a blog post, having the necessary skills to write effectively is very important for any business.


An entrepreneur should have the skill of persuasion. This critical social skill can help them build strong relationships with others.

Being able to persuade others is about helping them see your point of view and make an informed decision. This isn’t the same as bullying or manipulation. Having the necessary skills to persuade others is very important for any business.

In this skill, you can use persuasion to get people to do something they want, such as working out more frequently or eating healthier. It involves presenting information that will convince them to change their minds. This can be done without being too pushy or gratuitous. Aside from discussing your ideas, this skill can also help people develop practical leadership skills.


Accounting is important for any entrepreneur to be able to articulate numbers and run their business. This discipline involves understanding and analyzing financial statements and making informed decisions regarding their business. Whether you’re starting a small business or are planning on running one, having the necessary skills in this area is very important.

Before you start accounting, it’s vital first to understand what it means. This discipline involves keeping track of all of the financial transactions that your business makes and receives. Having the necessary software package will allow you to keep track of all of this information.

Today, there are a variety of software packages that can help you keep track of all of your financial transactions. Some of these include programs such as Excel and Quickbooks Pro. After choosing the right software, numerous online guides will help you set up an accounting system for your business. If you’re unsure which one will work for your business, consider hiring a professional with the necessary skills to help you set up an accounting system.

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