Grant Conness is a wealth advisor and the Managing Director of Global Wealth Management. He is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and has been successful in his field. He currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife Jessica and their four children.

Grant Conness

His career as a financial advisor has been a steady upward rise, and he is proud of the career that he has built. He began his education with the University of Findlay, where he started his education in Business Administration. After 2 years, he transferred to Florida Atlantic University and finished his studies, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. This has formed the foundation of his career, and his acumen has only deepened since earning this degree. For hands-on experience, Grant Conness began working as a financial advisor with several firms. His hands-on experience provided him with very close knowledge of financial literacy and advice. His roles were varied within the field, and he began as a Marketing Director and was responsible for many areas of strategizing and enacting plans for the marketing team. His last major role before his current career shift was as the Director of Real Estate Securities. He has benefited from his position in the industry and found a level of success that few others enjoy. Today he aims to help the public achieve better financial literacy than ever before.

The financial field is filled with standard understandings of financial investments, and only by going beyond the standard can we find extraordinary success. Today, he is the founder of Global Wealth Management, a financial investment advisory firm. He has been proud to develop a powerful career in the financial field thanks to his experiences over the past decade. A major part of his success has come from “The Global Wealth Show,” which he co-hosts. Via this show, he has offered expertise to millions as the show airs on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. Additionally, Grant is a regular contributor to Kiplinger, a major financial advice and business forecast magazine. His hobbies and interests include sports, boating, and spending time with his family. He works hard to find the time to coach his children’s sports teams.

Grant Conness on How Parenting Prepares Business Leaders

Being a parent is a terrifying experience, but it can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences as well. In business, an avoidance of potential parents has grown over the years. There is fear that parents won’t prioritize their work or will be less able to perform well in business. While it’s not a fault of parents to prioritize their children, it’s also true that parenthood provides workers with powerful skillsets that can set them apart from their peers. These are just a few examples of parenting improving business skills, but there are hundreds of skills that parents have to offer.

Parents Are Good Managers

When our children have a passion, we develop alongside them as we guide them through the learning process. We see our children fall and pick themselves up, we try to instill in them the right responses and right ways to approach failure. This is a skill set that managers must rely upon as they (in a way) pseudo-parent their employees. We are often in a place where we think that just letting a ‘problem’ employee is the right choice – but we need to remember that loyalty is cheap, and training is expensive. It’s a better choice to work with employees to develop them into the best they can be.

Parents Lead by Doing

Children – toddlers in particular – are notorious for doing as they please. There’s nothing more difficult than getting a young child to follow instructions. But children are natural learners, and gladly imitate everything their parents do. Understanding this can make for better business practices, as your employees are often very similar. Provide them a good example of business practice and your employees will follow in your footsteps.

Parents are Fearless

Being a parent often leads you to learn from your children as much as they learn from you. If you’ve raised a child through the baby years – or seen friends do so – you likely know what it means to be fearless as a parent. And that fearlessness often builds with age. Children are fully ready to dive into any activity they take part in. Watching a child eagerly dive into the deep end is scary, but knowing that you helped them be prepared and ready is a deeply rewarding experience.

Grant Conness
Job Title
Managing Director of Global Wealth Management