Frank Chairo, currently residing in Portland Oregon prides himself in being passionate about the environment while also enjoying art and technology. His love for nature and art has always been at the forefront of his life. In highschool he was involved in his schools Lake Ecology Program and his passion continued as he joined multiple programs the following years including the Marine Biology Program at Shedd Aquarium, where he worked hand in hand with biologist and ecologist about stewardship of tropical ecosystems, natural places and research methods designed to advance and help the environment. 

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Frank also has a passion for art and plays the guitar in his free time. If he isn’t playing the guitar you can find Frank making beats on his computer as a form of rest, relaxation and mental enrichment. He enjoys investing his time in activities that help with his mental health, as well as staying physically fit by playing basketball with friends. 

Frank Chiaro not only has a passion for the arts and environment, he is also very interested in travel. He believes the world is meant to be seen through your eyes and not a computer screen so he travels as often as he can. Most of his trips focus on the environment and visiting islands to combine his passion for nature with his passion for seeing the world. He embarked  on a four month journey to Hawaii through the Meals at Home Program where he was able to not only explore the land but give back to the community. He has worked with multiple programs throughout his lifetime and does not plan on stopping anytime soon. His drive to make the world a better place has helped him explore multiple passions at once and has directly impacted his lifestyle. Frank prides himself on being someone that sees the glass half full and wants to show his very unique perspective to those that he encounters daily. To learn more about Frank Chiaro and his various adventures, visit

Interview With Frank Chiaro

Question: What’s the most important thing we should know about you?

Frank Chiaro: There are many things that are important to me. But the two most important things to me are personal connections and the environment. I find that my greatest joys in life come from nature, as well as experiences with good people and company. I enjoy the little things about life, and really care about all points of view. I am an open and caring person. 

Question: Name the most impactful lesson you learned from failure.

Frank Chiaro: I’ve learned that failure is just a way of learning. That failing can be a good thing when looked at with the correct lense. I have always said that I learn best by failing, it teaches us things that are crucial to gaining skills and experiences. Failure is just as welcome to me as success. 

Question: What did you waste the most time on when you were first starting your career?

Frank Chiaro: I would say that my specificity was what got in the way. Once I was able to come to terms that not everything was as I’d imagined in my mind, it was much easier to find a career path. It was time spent looking more at what I did not like rather than what I did. And this wasted much time that could have been used more productively. 

Question: What is your favorite hobby and why?

Frank Chiaro: My favorite hobby is probably making music. It is nothing crazy, just me with a laptop and a few beats. I love to get lost in the intricacies of sound, and let the beats really express my emotions at the time. When I am making music, I feel the most at piece, and able to express myself in ways that feel natural and healthy. 

Question: What’s the greatest risk you’ve ever taken?

Frank Chiaro: I decided to move away from friends and family to a place where I knew nobody and had zero connections. I did it to get myself out of my comfort zone. Yes, it has been difficult at times, but being able to live a life that you feel is your own is something that no amount of struggle can diminish. It is the things that are the scariest at first that have the greatest rewards. 

Question: Name one small habit that positively impacts your productivity.

Frank Chiaro: Routine. Something as simple as a list can make or break my day. Being able to cross off of my list things that I’ve accomplished that day helps keep me on track and able to be as productive as possible that day. I always say that a person only has so much energy in a day, it’s important to use it wisely. 

Question: What tips do you have for getting a seat at the table?

Frank Chiaro: The way I see it, getting a seat at the table is all about show. To be aware of what one offers is important. For example, I know that I am good at having conversation, so I might try to place myself near the head of the table and find common ground to talk about. It is about being personable and real.

Question: What book has made the biggest impact on your life?

Frank Chiaro: The book is called “A world without fish” and I read it when I was in 8th grade. The book talks about the unsustainable fishing industry, while taking a dive into the future of the world if these practices continued. It shook me. It made me realize that the world that I loved was perishing before my very eyes, and it hurt. It lit a fire underneath me to make my career about sustainable practices and wildlife conservation. 

Question: Do you value intelligence or common sense more? Why?

Frank Chiaro: I find that intelligence is such a misconstrued idea, and in terms of common sense, I find that the two can be greatly unrelated. I know so many people that would flunk an ACT that I would trust with my life over those I know who have aced it. Intelligence comes in many forms, and I feel that having common sense is a level of intelligence that is the least common when it comes to human beings. 

Question: What would you consider to be the perfect day?

Frank Chiaro: The perfect day for me starts with the perfect company. I find that people make the place, so where I am is not really all that important. That being said, being in the sunshine would be nice, and having a few laughs and something good to eat are essential. Maybe throw in a few good deep conversations and you’d have yourself quite the day. 

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