Ephraim Vashovsky

Ephraim Vashovsky is the CEO of Vasco Ventures, a commercial real estate investment company based in New York City, NY. The company began due to Ephraim’s love for real estate, and his desire to remodel and renovate properties. Ephraim can see the beauty in each property and loves making them look their best. From taking the foundation of a property to designing the remodel, then finally executing on the design, Ephraim loves being involved and seeing the magic of a transformation.

Ephraim Vashovsky did not start out as a real estate professional; in fact, he was a teacher and rabbi before entering the real estate industry. As a newcomer to the market, Ephraim learned that the best way to gain experience was to try — and fail. By failing, Ephraim was able to become a better investor and renovator, leading to more success in the future. Even when times were tough, Ephraim never lost his persevering spirit.

It was due to this spirit that Ephraim was able to accomplish so many good deals. One deal, for the Clinton Pavilion in Hempstead, NY, led to Vasco Ventures receiving a Police Appreciation Award for allowing the Hempstead PD to continue to use their roof as a radio receptor. However, Ephraim did not choose to help for gain. Ephraim Vashovsky is simply passionate about giving back to the community. It is his belief that people should always help each other in any way possible. To him, charity is one of the best things in the world to be involved in.

Aside from his work in commercial real estate, Ephraim also has a love for traveling. Seeing the world is one of his favorite hobbies, and he loves exploring new cultures. Ephraim hopes that he will be able to travel to more countries in the future, and looks forward to experiencing these new destinations.

Ephraim Vashovsky On Travel

Staycations are one of the hottest trends of the last decade. If you’d like to spend a weekend or even longer enjoying a staycation, this guide will be a big help. Here are the best ways to enjoy a vacation in your own hometown.

1. Go on a tour.

Everyone rolls their eyes at tour groups, but this can actually be one of the best ways to explore your home, according to Ephraim Vashovsky. You probably drive past tourist sites every day on your work, and maybe you assume you know all there is to know about them. A good tour guide will have insights into history and architecture that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Surrounding yourself with people who are at your hometown on a vacation will also help you appreciate the beauty around you.

2. Try out your hometown’s fine dining.

Almost every city has a kind of cuisine or restaurant that is especially notable. Unfortunately, many of these restaurants are crowded or hard to get into. As a local, you might laugh at the tourists who are desperate to enjoy the most famous food in town, and opt for fast food or home cooking. For your staycation, try making a reservation at that fancy place you’ve always vaguely intended to check out.

3. Hit up your local museum.

It’s easy to put off checking out museums. It takes at least a few hours to properly appreciate a good museum, and that can be hard to fit into a busy work schedule. I guarantee your town will have at least one museum you haven’t visited. If you’ve already checked out your art gallery or history museum, check around for something a little more offbeat.

4. Ditch the car.

If you are used to seeing the streets of your city through your windshield, it’s time to ditch the car and explore on foot. If this isn’t an option, try strolling through town on a scooter or bike. Ephraim Vashovsky says this is the best way to find undiscovered gems that you normally can’t find.

5. Relax in the park.

After a day of exploration and fun, it’s time to relax. Bring a picnic basket and blanket to your local park and enjoy your town in the fresh air. Getting outside and enjoying the scenery without time restrictions is a great way to spend an afternoon.