Don Norman spends his time currently as the director of The Design Lab which operates as part of the University of California.

Don Norman has spoken and written books on various topics over the years. While his main area of expertise lies in design, his opinion is highly regarded in the spaces of cognitive science as well as usability engineering.

He co-founded the Nielsen Norman Group which operates out of Fremont, California. The group specializes in UX analysis and has worked on a number of high-profile products such as Windows 8.

He believes in applying the principles of good design to anything, not just web experiences.

The Design Of Everyday Things” is a highly regarded book written by Don Norman that focuses on the relationship between design and objects that see daily use. It is a best-seller and is still recommended despite being published in 1988.

Don Norman’s alma mater is MIT and the University of Pennsylvania. His personal website is:

Don Norman
Job Title
Director of The Design Lab
University of California