Diego Ibanez of California is the Treasurer and Director of Finance for San Fernando, CA, putting his three decades of knowledge and experience to use. The duties for Diego’s jobs include the overall planning and organization of the accounting, budgetary operations, and activities and the review and adjustment of all capital projects and accounts. 

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Diego Ibanez prides himself on learning as much as he can. He strived to get real-world experience to back up the knowledge that he gained in college. He competed for and won illustrious scholarships in college as well.

He began his journey at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Legal Studies. After graduating, Diego wanted to continue his studies, studying at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs in New York City. There, he gained a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration with a concentration in Advanced Policy Analysis. Still wanting to learn more about the industry, Diego then ventured to Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in Bloomington, Indiana, to pursue his Master of Business Administration with a Finance concentration. He not only participated in incredible programs such as Goldman, Sachs & Co Investment Banking Summer Camps, but he was also honored with a fellowship from the distinguished Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a consortium that is dedicated to developing and protecting diversity and inclusion in business.

Diego is also a polyglot, being fluent in many languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German. Diego Ibanez is also proud to be a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 candidate and a recipient of the CFA Society of Los Angeles scholarship fund. Diego was also a participant in the Commercial in Brazil program through the Brazil-Florida Business Council. This Council works to foster business, cultural, and educational exchange between the United States and other countries. Diego, throughout this time, traveled to Argentina, Brazil, and Chile as part of Florida International University’s Mercosur Program, which was created to facilitate the flow of international trade.

With over three decades of experience, Diego Ibanez has a level of knowledge that is almost unrivaled in the business industry. Diego started his journey at Newgate, LLC in Greenwich, CT. Here, he worked as a research analyst for the emerging markets, where he assisted in developing the best trading techniques possible for American and Global Depositary Receipts. These rulings that he created directly impacted investors’ overall ability to hold equity in foreign countries, developing an alternative to trading on international markets. He then interned in public finance at Crédit Local de France’s New York (Dexia) Group. There, Diego worked to develop financial models that assess risk indicators and conducted credit studies for seven Latin American towns in Argentina and Mexico.

Diego Ibanez On Small Business Trends Of 2022

Entrepreneurs everywhere were impacted heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people were cut back severely in hours, and others were out of a job completely. This saw a universal uptick in small businesses. With business comes trends, so we’re going to be looking at some small business trends of 2022

People-First Attitudes and Values

People everywhere are learning that there’s more to life than just working. People like to spend time with their family, friends, and themselves. They’re no longer giving themselves to unforgiving schedules. People are looking to create a work-life balance that suits their lives. Employers need to provide them with that so as not to lose them. More vital workplace values with a people-first attitude create a more robust workplace environment and underline the value that you put in your employees.

Easier access to virtual promotional tools

Making different promotional tools accessible or inexpensive available to startups and small businesses will change the way people shop. Being able to access these will change how people promote themselves, their products, and their services daily. In the past, advertisements would have required custom development from the small businesses inclined to use them, but now the accessibility has really changed the game.

Online-offline businesses

People like doing their research before they go in to purchase a product, as simple as that. They don’t like going into a place of business and feel unprepared. Customers feel freer to move between shopping on and offline shows that businesses need to follow in those footsteps. Having a platform online and selling more products there enables certain freedom that people haven’t had in the past. 

Remote-first job opportunities

In today’s day and age, we’re seeing an uptick of more remote-first businesses than ever before, thanks to technology. Because of this uptick, we’re seeing several people with a better work-life balance and more businesses with the flexibility to tap into a bigger pool of people who aren’t necessarily in the same place that the company is in. It allows businesses to hire more people from several different areas and give them the flexibility of the workday to do their job.

These are just a few of the many trends you’ll see in the year to come.

Diego Ibanez
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Director of Finance
City of San Fernando