Diala Ghneim is a published writer, book lover, and aspiring editor working in communications, marketing, and advocacy-based in Chicago, Illinois. Throughout her career, Ghneim has utilized her expert analytical, writing, research, and project management skills to gain prominence in the industry. Her expertise in communications and global affairs, paired with her passion for success, was a catalyst for where she is today. 

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Currently, Diala Ghneim has been working as the Communications and Advocacy Coordinator for the Syrian Forum USA (SFUSA) for almost three years. In this role, she develops and curates the Forum’s daily content and social media across popular platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She publishes the organization’s monthly newsletters that cover program updates. But her career doesn’t stop there. Ghneim also serves as the Communications and Marketing Manager for Mint+Laurel. She creates social media copy, pitches website ideas, writes scripts, and drives online engagement and sales when she’s there.

Before her current position, Diala Ghneim was based in New York. Diala worked previously as the Syria Campaign & Research Assistant at the United Nations Department of Global Communications in the Crisis Action division. Through her role with the UN, Diala monitored, researched, and analyzed intelligence and communications while organizing the first UN Security Council session of its kind, dedicated to the missing, abducted, and detained individuals in Syria. Before her role with the UN, Diala worked with the Micro fund for Women as a Business Development Associate, managing the project’s funds for financial inclusion. She also served as a Human Rights and United Nations General Assembly Intern operating on the Permanent Mission of Jordan to the United Nations. 

Diala Ghneim is an avid reader, writer, and aspiring editor who writes in both English and Arabic when she isn’t busy with her busy career. Diala has been published in The New Arab, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, Miss Muslim, and Women in Foreign Policy. Alongside her publications, she has offered freelance and consulting services to organizations, including the High Negotiations Committee, Art of Hope, NGO Working Group on WPS, and Northwestern University. For more information about Diala and her, check her out on social media!

Importance and Benefits of Reading

Reading is a fundamental skill that many people take for granted. Everyone knows how to read, but many people don’t always understand the importance and benefits of reading. This article will discuss why it’s essential to read in school and outside of school and the benefits of reading.

Importance of Reading

1. Finding Oneself

Reading helps one to find themselves. When they read, it lets their mind wander and gives them time to contemplate things that would otherwise not be possible. It helps everyone relax by allowing the mind to shut off from the busy world around them for a little while, so they can focus on more important matters – like what’s going on inside of their heads!

2. Exercising One’s Mind

Reading is a great way to exercise the mind. In reading, one can transport themselves into that book and become someone else for a short period. They can experience new worlds, meet different people, and learn things about life in general without leaving the living room or going anywhere!

3. Keeping Calm and Entertained

Reading is a great way to keep one calm and entertained. It provides an escape from the world around people, especially if they are reading fiction. Readers can get lost in their books, which allows them to forget about all of life’s problems for just a little while!

Benefits of Reading

1. It Improves Ones Thinking and Analytical Skills

Reading is a great way to improve one’s thinking and analytical skills. When they read, it forces them to think about what the author has written on the page – which helps expand their mind and imagination! It also teaches them how to analyze different situations by concluding based on events throughout the book.

2. Keeps The Reader Grounded

When one reads, it keeps them grounded and improves their humility. The more one reads, the more they get to understand how limited their knowledge is compared to the vast amount of knowledge out there in the world. It also teaches them how to be more accepting and open-minded because they get exposed to different points of view – which helps them understand what other people are going through when it comes down to their personal lives.

3. It is a Way of Connecting With Others

Reading is a great way to connect with others and develop empathy. When one reads, they get exposed to different personalities and lifestyles – which helps them understand what other people are going through in their personal lives. It also allows one to read about fictional characters and stories from different parts of the world around us!

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